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Premium Plan Tool Submission

LemonSight is the leading database and resource for AI tools. We specialize in helping professionals find and adopt the best AI tools available. With our comprehensive listings and rigorous verification process, you can trust that every tool we feature meets high quality and functionality standards.

One-Time Verification Fee

To ensure your tool meets our quality standards, we charge a one-time verification fee of $199. This fee covers the extensive research our team conducts to verify that your tool aligns with our editorial guidelines. Here’s what you get when your tool is verified:

  1. Verified check mark – A verified check mark enhances your tool’s credibility among users, indicating that our editorial team has thoroughly reviewed and approved your tool’s features.
  2. Enhanced listing pages –
    • Detailed Information – Your listing will include a comprehensive video showcasing your tool.
    • FAQs – Provide answers to common questions to help users understand your tool better.
    • Search Engine Indexing – Improve your visibility on search engines, making it easier for users to find your tool.

Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities

Only verified tools can sponsor our newsletter, website, YouTube, social media channels, editorial content, and custom collaborations. This ensures that our sponsorships are trustworthy and valuable to our audience.

Eligibility for Free Placements

  • Featured Listings – Your tool can be showcased on our deals page.
  • Personalized Recommendations – Get featured in our personalized recommendations engine, helping users discover your tool based on their needs.

How to Get Verified

  • Submit Your Tool – Provide detailed information about your tool, including features, benefits, and user testimonials.
  • Pay the Verification Fee – Complete the payment process for the one-time fee of $49.
  • Verification Process – Our editorial team will conduct thorough research to verify your tool’s quality and compliance with our guidelines.
  • Get Listed – Once verified, your tool will receive the above benefits, enhancing its visibility and credibility.

Refund Policy

We understand that circumstances can change. If you need to request a refund, please contact our support team. We handle refund requests on a case-by-case basis, ensuring a fair and transparent process.
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