Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Chatting:
    Users can engage in conversations with numerous characters already present on the platform.
  • Character Creation:
    Users have the creative freedom to generate their characters. 
  • NSFW Content:
    The platform accommodates various types of character interactions and content.


CrushonAI is a platform designed for creating and engaging with characters. This platform allows users to interact with various characters readily available for conversation. Users can also exercise their creativity by crafting their unique characters. This can be done by uploading an image for the character or creating it from scratch using prompts. Users can personalize their characters by assigning names and defining their personalities according to their preferences. Privacy options allow users to choose whether to keep their characters private or share them with other platform users. The users can rate their characters as Safe For Work (SFW) or Not Safe For Work (NSFW). This ensures that the platform accommodates a variety of character interactions and preferences.


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