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AI Image Magic Cleanup logo
June 10, 2024

AI Image Magic Cleanup

Using AI to remove unwanted objects and smartly fill backgrounds in your images.
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What is AI Image Magic CleanUp?

AI Image Magic CleanUp is an advanced tool that removes unwanted objects from images, automatically filling the background to create clean and visually appealing results. Utilizing GAN technology, it identifies the content and background of an image, allowing users to erase any unwanted parts and replace them with the appropriate background content.

This tool is beneficial for both individuals and businesses looking to enhance the visual appeal of their images. It effectively removes distracting elements such as logos, crowds, or watermarks, ensuring a polished and professional look.

AI Image Magic CleanUp offers a simple and user-friendly process. Users can easily remove objects from landscape photos, erase product logos, and cut out dense crowds from the background. The processing speed varies, with images under 1000px typically taking one or two seconds to process, while higher-resolution images may require more time.

The tool supports mobile devices, providing convenient accessibility for users. It allows users to use a brush to remove content, and they can repeat the process until they achieve the desired outcome. This ensures flexibility and precision in editing images.

AI Image Magic CleanUp helps users edit images quickly and efficiently. The tool prioritizes data security and privacy, with processed images being immediately deleted after use. This guarantees that users can enjoy a secure and seamless editing experience.

Key Features

  • Object Removal:

    It can remove objects from landscape photos, erase product logos and objects, and erase dense crowds.

  • Watermark Removal:

    Users can intelligently remove watermarks from images using advanced AI technology.

  • Image Editing:

    The tool provides a brush tool that enables users to paint the content they want to remove, allowing for detailed and accurate editing.

  • Background Replacement:

    The AI model can fill the background of the image after removing unwanted objects.

Plans Monthly Annually
Standard $5/mo $20/mo

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