Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Art Generation:
    Provides a feature to generate captivating art from basic text prompts
  • Background Removal:
    Easily remove background from both video and images 
  • Photo Enhancer:
    Offers a feature to Enhance your photos by increasing their quality and making them clearer. 


Cutout Pro is a comprehensive visual design platform driven by AI technology. It offers an extensive range of tools that allow users to perform various functions in one place. From editing images and removing backgrounds to generating AI art, Cutout Pro has it all. You can animate images or create professional-looking cartoon-style selfies. You can also restore old images easily and create passport photos like a pro. With CutOut Pro’s remarkable features, you can edit and upscale your images and more. The tool can also generate product images for e-commerce purposes. Simply upload your product images and adjust some settings, and within minutes, the tool will create a captivating image of your product. The tool also comes as a Shopify plugin and seamlessly extends API integration to incorporate its features anywhere. It’s an easy-to-use tool perfect for anyone looking to create captivating images.


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