Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • App Development:
    Create a colorization application from the ground up or incorporate the Palette tool into your existing application to improve its functionality.
  • Image Colorization:
    Users can choose from a variety of filters designed to bring out vibrant and realistic colors in their photos. 
  • Image Enhancement:
    Whether it’s captions, descriptions, or personal notes, this feature allows users to enhance their images with text elements.
  • API Integration:
    This integration capability allows for bulk processing of photos, making it ideal for businesses and applications that require automated colorization.


Palette brings color to the black-and-white photos in seconds. Using this tool is an easy process. First, users select their preferred filter from a range of options. These filters give photos a vibrant and realistic color palette, enhancing their visual appeal. Once the filter is chosen, users can customize their colorizations with text, adding a personal touch to each image. What sets Palette apart is its versatile API and tools. It enables you to process a large batch of photos for your applications or create your unique products. Its bulk processing capabilities make it an asset for developers and businesses looking to integrate colorization into their workflows.


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