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April 19, 2024

Real Fake

Free + Paid Plans
Elevate your online presence with AI-enhanced, professional headshots.

What is Real Fake?

Real Fake offers the most affordable AI headshot generator. It delivers authentic images that resemble those captured by professional photographers. Users can have their portraits done in two hours without the hassle of scheduling a photoshoot.

The process is simple: users upload 10-20 selfies, and the algorithm detects faces across all images. From the 120 generated AI headshots, users can choose their favorites. They also have the option to upscale every image for increased resolution. These are ideal for social media profiles like LinkedIn and Instagram.

Real Fake has over 9 million AI-generated professional headshots. Their AI platform offers portrait studio-quality photos. These headshots suit personal branding, corporate teams, or event speakers.

For individuals, the service elevates personal brands with high-quality, tailored headshots. Companies can improve corporate teams’ images with consistent, top-notch headshots. Event organizers can make lasting impressions with striking speaker headshots showcasing expertise.

Key Features

  • Headshot Generation:

    Creates professional headshots, making it an ideal choice for improving one’s online presence.

  • Outfit Library:

    Users can select from various clothing styles and outfits to suit their preferences.

  • Background Library:

    Users can choose from different backgrounds to complement their AI-generated headshots.

  • Image Upscaling:

    It allows users to enhance the resolution and quality of their AI-generated headshots.

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