Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Text-to-Image:
    Generates images in both real and anime styles, allowing users to create various visual content.
  • Character Creation:
    Simplifies creating characters from text descriptions, bringing imaginative characters to life. 
  • Image Editing:
    Edit images by adding, extending, or removing content from their pictures using simple text prompts.
  • Anime Generation:
    Users can describe their desired anime characters with text prompts, allowing for the creation of personalized anime-style artwork. 
  • Outpainting:
    Users can expand their images beyond imagination with AI Outpainting, resizing images and adding new elements like backgrounds, characters, and more using text prompts.


SoulGen is an AI image generator that can bring your text prompts to life, creating real and anime-style images. It can make dream characters a reality. Users can create portraits that resemble celebrities or friends by uploading a reference photo and providing instructions to draw an anime or photorealistic character with a similar appearance. Editing images becomes easy with its AI capabilities. Users can add, extend, or remove content from their images using text prompts. SoulGen also offers the option to explore never-ending images through AI Outpainting. Users can provide text prompts to add new elements, such as backgrounds and characters, to their pictures. The tool uses a three-step process: log in, enter your description or prompt, choose between a real or anime character, and click generate. It offers benefits, including removing blur, multitasking, multi-creation generation, and modifying AI characters’ looks.


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