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April 17, 2024


Your flirty AI chatbot for enhanced messaging on OnlyFans.

What is Botly?

Botly is an AI chatbot designed specifically for OnlyFans. It provides a fun and flirty, generative AI solution for messaging on the platform. With Botly, users can say goodbye to bland chats, missed opportunities, and frustrated fans. This tool is trained to seduce and sell, enhancing the communication and sales process. It allows users to build their personality and choose the language for chat responses. Thus ensuring the messages sound exactly like them. One-click chat responses make it easy to interact with fans. The tool’s memory feature enhances users’ experiences by learning previous responses and outcomes.

The tool offers different tones for generating messages, such as Icebreaker, Cheeky, and Naughty. Thus providing options to drive conversions and sell Pay-Per-View content faster. Moreover, it is equipped to handle multiple creators and chatters. Therefore making it easy to onboard many profiles and staff members without compromising login security. The process is simple: personalize and chat with Botly. Or add the Chrome extension and start selling more content faster. By providing personalized messaging, creators and teams can increase their engagement and revenue on OnlyFans.

Key Features:

  • Sex Chatbot:

    Offers chatbot for OnlyFans creators.

  • Built-in Memory:

    Stores previous chats to gain context and further optimize how it sounds.

  • Multilingual Support:

    One-click chat responses that sound like you in your language.

  • 7-day free trial
  • Chrome extension available
  • Analyzes previous conversations
  • Different chat phases
  • Simplifies Pay-Per-View sales
  • Personalizes chats
  • Remembers past conversations
  • Only for OnlyFans
  • Chrome extension only
  • No API provided
  • No multilingual support
Plans Monthly Cost
Premium $15/mo

Q1. What is Botly?

Botly is an AI chatbot specifically developed for the OnlyFans platform with the aim of improving user experience. It introduces a conversational AI solution that is entertaining, playful, and amicable, contributing to enhanced interaction and engagement capabilities on OnlyFans.

Q2. What are the key features of Botly?

Botly encompasses a variety of features, including a Chrome extension for seamless integration with OnlyFans, the ability to analyze past conversations for context, different chat phases like Small Talk, Sexting, and Sales Push, simplified Pay-Per-View sales, options for personalized chats, functionality for managing multiple profiles on a single account, a dedicated secure login for chatters, and support for staff members. It also offers language support and a private Telegram Group for networking opportunities.

Q3. How does Botly improve the user experience on OnlyFans?

Botly enhances the user experience on OnlyFans by providing an engaging, enjoyable, and friendly conversational AI solution. It simplifies the Pay-Per-View sales process, reducing it to a three-click experience. Users can effortlessly switch between different chat styles and personalize their conversations. The chatbot retains details from previous interactions, creating a sense of being remembered and valued, thereby enriching the overall user experience.

Q4. Can I have a free trial of Botly?

Certainly, Botly offers a 7-day free trial. Users can explore the features and capabilities of the AI before deciding on a paid plan.

Q5. What are the various chat phases provided by Botly?

Botly offers different chat phases to cater to various conversation needs. These phases include Small Talk for casual conversations, Sexting for more intimate discussions, and Sales Push for facilitating conversions.

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