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May 15, 2024



What is CrazyHorseAI?

CrazyHorseAI is an advanced AI tool that enables users to change and improve digital images. This platform allows users to upload photos and change clothing, hairstyles, body features, poses, and background settings. Customized prompts are provided for these modifications.

The tool uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the uploaded image and apply the desired changes. Users can try different prompts to achieve their desired outcome. It can be about enhancing appearance, clothing style, or changing the background setting.

This tool helps users create personalized images. It allows users to change the visual narrative and bring their creations to life.

The tool is accessible to everyone and allows users to get the full potential of their digital images with an intuitive prompting system. CrazyHorseAI offers versatile solutions for users seeking to enhance their digital photos. It caters to many creative and artistic applications.

Key Features

  • Image Enhancement:

    The AI-powered platform allows users to transform and enhance digital images.

  • Customizable Prompts:

    Users can provide customized prompts to change various aspects of the image.

  • Clothing Style Changes:

    The tool enables users to alter the clothing and style of the subject in the image.

  • Hairstyle Changes:

    Users can modify the hairstyles of the subject in the image.

  • Body Feature Changes:

    The tool allows users to change the body features of the subject in the image.

  • Pose Changes:

    Users can adjust the pose of the subject in the image.

  • Background Changes:

    The tool enables users to change the background setting of the image.

  • Glamorization:

    The tool can be used to make the subject’s appearance more glamorous.

Plans Model Image
Standard $0.5/model $0.1/image

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