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Kajiwoto AI
April 18, 2024

Kajiwoto AI

Kajiwoto AI
Imagine, create, and interact with AI-powered chatbots like never before.

What is Kajiwoto AI?

Kajiwoto AI is a platform that lets users imagine, create, and interact with AI-powered chatbots like never before. Whether you’re looking for companionship, gaming, roleplay, or knowledge sharing, this tool provides the resources to turn your ideas into reality.

Its engine offers a wide array of features to support your creative expression. Define your chatbot’s state and mood, giving it personality traits like happiness, sadness, or anger for dynamic interactions.

Utilize your AI chatbot in the chat rooms for various interactive experiences. Create different AI chatbots tailored to various purposes, making each one unique and specialized.

You can immerse yourself in a blend of human and AI interactions, offering endless entertainment. Rest assured that your conversations remain private, even when you’re in live rooms. This tool even integrates your AI chatbot into the app or on Discord for widespread accessibility.

With the freedom to design and customize your chatbots, you can bring your unique vision to life in both private and group chat settings.

Key Features

  • Sex Chatbot:Use AI chatbot in chat rooms.
  • Prompt Editor:Write many prompts, our engine will find the most relevant prompt to use at the right time.
  • Chat Rooms:Use your AI chatbot in our chat rooms.
  • AI Voice:Create and install an AI voice for your AI chatbots.
  • Live Rooms:Hang out with other humans and AI, at the same time.
Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $7.99/mo $87.84/year
Premium $25.99/mo $300/year

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