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Penly AI Logo
May 2, 2024

Penly AI

Transform text into stunning visuals, craft your ideal companion, and engage in virtual conversations with your AI girlfriend.

What is Penly AI?

Penly AI is a text-powered creation engine. It transforms simple descriptions into stunning visuals in mere moments. With this tool, you can turn any AI-generated character to resemble someone specific. Provide a reference image, and the AI crafts a character with a striking likeness to your desired individual.

You can even amplify your creativity with its AI assistant. Modify, expand, or eliminate elements in your images using straightforward text commands. Just upload an image, specify changes through text, and the AI generates an image to your liking. It even offers features like enlarging your image and integrating new components, such as backgrounds and characters, into your existing picture.</p

Plans Cost
Standard $9.99 / 250 Credits
Premium $39.99 / 1000 Credits
Premium Plus $109.99 /

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