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Pix AI
April 18, 2024


AI tool for art generation with anime and realistic styles, character creation, and chatbot development.

What is PixAI.Art?

PixAI is an AI art generation tool. It possesses the capability to produce artwork in either anime or realistic styles, catering to diverse creative needs. It features a character engine, allowing users to craft entirely unique characters. It also allows for the creation of chatbots suited for platforms like Discord or visual chat applications.

What sets Pixai apart is its incorporation of various ranking models, which assist users in identifying trending and popular artwork. Furthermore, it ensures that users are constantly updated with the most recent creations, providing daily updates.

The tool enables users to create artwork inspired by popular anime and video games like Fate, Genshin Impact, and Konosuba. The art generator has a range of advanced features, including ControlNet, Hires fix, LoRAs, and image-to-image capabilities, affording users an extensive degree of control over the outcomes of their image creations.

This tool provides users with the option to explore the Pixai model to achieve their desired characters or artistic styles. Furthermore, it allows users to share their AI-generated artwork or models they’ve trained on Pixai’s platform. Additionally, it offers access to an extensive AI art archive, serving as a valuable resource for finding inspiration, prompts, and tutorials for future AI art projects.

Key Features

  • Hentai Generation:

    Creates stunning hentai art using AI-powered tools.

  • Diverse Templates:

    Choose from a wide variety of templates, including popular anime series and unique artistic styles.

  • Editing Tools:

    Craft digital art effortlessly, explore unique styles, and watch your vision come alive.

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