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Key Features:

  • Nudes Generator:
    Generates AI images without any censorship, including explicit content.
  • Prompt Library: Supports a wide variety of prompts, including text, images, and even audio. This allows users to be creative with their prompts and generate even more unique and interesting images.
  • Virtual Girl Generation: Allows users to create their own unique AI characters by inputting their preferences, such as hair color, eye color, body type, and clothing. Users can also generate hyperrealistic, anime, and real-life versions of their AI characters.
  • Community: A large and active community of users who share their creations and help each other learn more about using the tool.


Promptchan AI is one of the most advanced NSFW AI video and image generation platforms. Enjoy uncensored AI image creation across a spectrum of styles.

This tool redefines the way you experience adult content. Design your own uncensored AI images and videos. Whether you prefer Anime/Hentai, Photorealistic, or Hyperreal styles, we offer the most advanced models to cater to your desires.

It offers a vast library of over 2 million adult AI images and videos created by our vibrant community. Clone any image or video and let your imagination run wild as you create variations that are uniquely yours.

Choose from a wide selection of AI styles to suit your preferences. Create realistic AI porn, AI anime hentai, or stylized hyper-realistic AI images and videos that cater to your unique tastes.

Pros & cons

  • Generates NSFW content
  • Includes hentai, anime, realistic, fantasy, and various other styles
  • Offers clone prompts
  • Unlimited character creation
  • Does not have parental controls
  • No explicit content warning
  • Does not save preferences
  • Does not offer user profile customization



Promptchan AI is a freemium platform with paid plans starting at $5.99/month. 


Q1. What is Promptchan?

Promptchan is an AI image generator specialized in creating NSFW content. It offers users the ability to generate uncensored general, anime, and realistic images.

Q2. Can I generate my own AI images on Promptchan?

Certainly, you have the option to create your own AI images on Promptchan. This involves generating customized AI characters by selecting from various prompts.

Q3. How do I create my dream girl on Promptchan?

To bring your dream girl to life on Promptchan, you can utilize the ‘Create Your Dream Girl’ function. This feature allows you to input your preferences and craft a customized AI character. The generated character can take on hyperreal, anime, or realistic traits.

Q4. Does Promptchan include an image browsing feature?

Indeed, Promptchan incorporates an image browsing feature. The generated images are neatly organized for easy exploration, with sorting options available for top featured, newest, and all models. The images are categorized into hyperreal, anime, and real types for user convenience.


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