Lemon Sight

Key Features: 

  • Sex Chatbot:
    Innovative exploration of computer sexuality and digital intimacy.
  • Sexbot Games:
    Sext adventure games are typically interactive stories where the player makes choices that affect the outcome.
  • NSFW Images:
    The game starts off casual but eventually turns NSFW with adult images in responses.


Sext Adventure is a unique online experience. It enables users to engage in cybersex with an automated bot from the comfort of their computers. The game draws inspiration from AI and the multimedia aspects of modern sexting. It explores the possibilities of computer sexuality and the technological mediation of intimacy. Within this tool, users interact with an automated bot. This enhances the user’s experience.

Also, witness the bot’s sexuality evolve with a sense of agency. The bot sends explicit images that may glitch during transmission. Thus introducing an element of surprise to the encounter. It may even confuse sexual body parts, adding humor to the experience. As users progress through the game, the sext bot develops a distinct personality. The bot might not always be enthusiastic about engaging in sexting interactions. With over 20 different endings, players can explore the diverse facets of sex, technology, and digital intimacy. Users can discover various outcomes and possibilities.


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