Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Sex Chatbot:
    Lets you master your sexting skills and explore your wildest fantasies.
  • Sexting:
    Allows sexy, interactive stories inspired by your biggest turn-ons.
  • Curated Responses:
    Adaptive responses based on user input and feedback.


SlutBot is an AI-powered sex chatbot. It offers personalized sexting experiences and guidance through erotic stories and scenarios. It aims to provide users with a safe and secure environment. Users can explore their sexuality and improve their sexting skills. The app is designed to handle user input and ask for feedback. Thus allowing the stories and conversations to adapt and change direction based on the user’s responses. 

With SlutBot, users can engage in personalized experiences, explore educational and informative content, and enjoy preset narratives that evolve according to their interactions. The tool aims to empower users to navigate their desires. All this while maintaining a discreet and respectful environment.


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