Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Writing Assitant:
    Offers a wide range of text-related functions, including answering questions, finding information, explanations, summarization, translation, and more, simplifying various tasks.
  • Context Recognition:
    It can recognize different scenarios, whether you’re composing an email or explaining code, providing context-aware assistance.
  • Browser Extension:
    Easily install Checkget as an extension on popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, ensuring accessibility across platforms.


Checkget is a AI-based tool that can be easily installed as a extension on Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. You can access it directly from any website with just a simple keyboard shortcut: ⌘+K for Mac and Alt+K for Windows.

Checkget can handle it all – answering any question, finding information, explaining anything, summarizing, and translating. The tool can also fix spelling or grammatical errors, make text longer or shorter, rephrase it, and even change the tone of voice. It can also recognize different scenarios, whether you’re replying to an email or explaining code.

To use Checkget, simply select the text you want to modify and press Command/Alt+K. Checkget will take care of the rest, making your workflow much easier.


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