Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Design Generation:
    Generate UI designs and prototypes from text prompts effortlessly.
  • Sketch-to-Wireframe:
    Transform hand-drawn sketches into digital wireframes for easy editing.
  • Screenshot-to-Design:
    Convert screenshots into editable designs for further customization.
  • Design Templates:
    Access a wide range of free web UI and design templates for personalized projects.
  • Collaboration:
    Collaborate with your team in real time and invite stakeholders for design feedback.


Uizard is an AI-based tool that streamlines the design and ideation processes. You can design web apps, websites, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. With Uizard, you can easily generate UI designs from text prompts, convert your hand-drawn sketches into wireframes, and transform screenshots into editable designs, all in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the tool provides an extensive collection of free-to-use templates. These web UI and design templates can be personalized to meet your specific design needs. You can also collaborate with your team in real time and invite stakeholders to review and provide feedback on your design ideas.


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