Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Text-to-Image:
    Transform text prompts into stunning images in various styles, from fantasy to cyberpunk. 
  • Image Editing:
    Edit images with the assistance of AI, allowing for quick and effortless image enhancements, retouching, and creative adjustments.
  • Image Colorization:
    Add color to black and white images, bringing old photographs and monochrome visuals to life.
  • Text Generation:
    Produces coherent paragraphs of text, making it valuable for crafting stories, generating content, and even coding assistance.
  • Image Enhancement:
    Enhance image resolution and clarity without losing critical details.
  • Content Moderation:
    Detect potentially harmful content, such as guns, offensive words, hate symbols, and adult material, in images and videos, ensuring safer online environments.
  • 3D Texture:
    Generate highly detailed 3D images of virtually any object, making it a valuable resource for 3D modeling and design projects.
  • Chatbot:
    Utilize an AI chatbot that assists with text-based tasks, including story writing, message composition, and even programming code generation, as a versatile virtual tutor.
  • Translation:
    Translate text from one language to another with DeepAI’s advanced machine translation tool.


DeepAI is an online platform to boost creativity and productivity across various domains. It offers multiple tools, from generating art, to facilitating text-based interactions and assisting in content moderation. One of the standout features of the tool is its AI-powered art generation tool. Users can bring their creative ideas to life by providing a simple prompt and selecting an art style. The platform transforms these prompts into stunning visual artworks. It also offers an AI Chatbot, a versatile text-based tool. Users can use it to craft stories, compose messages, or generate programming code. It functions as a virtual tutor, making it a valuable resource for various subjects. The tool provides abilities such as image recognition, text analysis, machine translation, and content moderation. Users describe what they want to create in text, select a style or tool, and the platform generates the desired output in seconds. Whether developing AI-generated images, editing images, colorizing black and white photos, or creating paragraphs of coherent text, DeepAI offers many options to suit diverse creative and practical needs.


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