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April 19, 2024


Generai Feature Image
AI turning descriptions into stunning 4k+ resolution artwork.

What is Generai?

Generai is an AI tool designed to help users create unique artwork. Users can describe their idea in words, ranging from simple concepts like “castle in the sky” to intricate visions like “A monumental silver tree surrounded by clouds reaching the skies.”

The AI artists of this AI tool then transform these descriptions into appealing artwork. The generated images are high quality and produced in 4k+ resolution after several data runs to ensure intricate details.

Generai is a platform that assists in the creative process. It suggests fitting keywords and helps refine descriptions for better results. The technology uses AI algorithms and fast GPUs for top-notch images. The team behind it consists of computer scientists and machine learning engineers. They are dedicated to lowering the barrier to accessing generative AI art.

Users can create their images or choose from a gallery. They can also order prints with free worldwide shipping. The process involves users providing inspiration and articulating their thoughts into words. The AI artist then creates the final results. Generai is a valuable tool for exploring generative AI art without advanced expertise.

Key Features

  • Text-to-image:

    Input a text prompt describing your desired image, and this AI tool will create it.

  • Image Library:

    Offers a “Discover” section with pre-made prompts and beautiful AI-generated artwork for inspiration.

  • Community:

    Share your creations and browse others’ artwork in the community section. Get feedback, interact with fellow artists, and explore diverse artistic perspectives.

  • Smart Prompting:

    Assists you in refining your description and also suggests keywords to enhance your input.

Pricing table

Plans Cost
Standard 10 Credits/$9.9
Premium 25 Credits/$19.99
Premium Plus 75 Credits/$44.99

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