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May 4, 2024


The intuitive image generating software inspired by Stable Diffusion.

What is Fooocus?

Fooocus is an image-generating software with a user-friendly interface inspired by Stable Diffusion, simplifying the creative process. This tool operates offline, is open source, and is available for download at no cost to users. It integrates the best features of Stable Diffusion, removing the need for manual tweaking and allowing users to focus solely on prompts and images.

The software automates various optimizations and quality enhancements, sparing users from the complexities of technical parameters. This simplification enables users to engage in intuitive interaction with the software, facilitating the exploration of new creative possibilities. Additionally, the tool features a simplified installation process, requiring less than three mouse clicks from download to generating the first image.

Fooocus requires a minimum of 4GB GPU memory (Nvidia) to ensure accessibility and performance. It aims to empower users to unleash their creativity and explore new avenues of expression. Its user-centric design and efficient functionality make it a valuable tool for creative exploration and expression.

Key Features

  • Image Generation:

    Creates images based on user-provided text prompts.

  • Offline Operation:

    It works without an internet connection.

  • Image Upscaler:

    The tool improves image quality automatically.

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