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June 10, 2024

Remover by ZMO.AI

Erase, Enhance, Enjoy: Remover by ZMO.AI

What is Remover by ZMO.AI?

Remover by ZMO.AI is a web-based tool designed to remove unwanted objects, people, or imperfections from your photos. It’s designed to be user-friendly and efficient, providing high-quality results.

You start by uploading an image to the platform. The tool allows you to select the parts of the image you want to remove.

The AI then processes the image, removing the selected elements. Once the process is complete, you can download the edited image.

The tool can remove various elements, including backgrounds, watermarks, and people. It’s useful for e-commerce, real estate, and fashion photo cleanup.

Remover is currently free to use, but a Pro version is in the works that will offer additional features such as high-resolution downloads.

So, whether you’re a professional photographer or just looking to clean up your personal photos, Remover by ZMO.AI is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

Key Features

  • Text-to-Image:

    Allows you to generate images from textual input.

  • Background Removal:

    Eliminate distracting or unwanted backgrounds from your photos.

  • Human Removal:

    Specifically target individuals in your photos for removal.

  • Object Removal:

    Select and erase objects like people, animals, or background clutter.

  • Text Removal:

    Eliminate unwanted text or writing from your images.

  • Logo Print Removal:

    Easily remove unwanted logos, brand names, or other unwanted printed elements from your photos.

  • Watermark Removal:

    Helps you remove watermarks from images, leaving you with a watermark-free version.


  • Erases people from images
  • Can remove watermarks
  • Generates images using text
  • Works with images of any size
  • Removes unwanted objects


  • The free version has a resolution limit
  • Lacks explicit privacy policy
  • The pro version is still in development
  • There is no apparent bulk editing

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What can Remover by ZMO.AI remove from images?

Remover can remove any unwanted elements from images, such as objects, people, text, and watermarks.

Can I use Remover to create images?

Yes, Remover.app lets users generate unique images using text. This offers a wide range of styles, from realistic to anime.

How does Remover work with text and images?

The platform uses advanced AI algorithms to turn text into images. It interprets user input and converts it into visual content.

Can Remover by ZMO.AI remove watermarks from images?

Yes, it can effectively remove watermarks from images.

Can I use Remover by ZMO.AI to remove people from photos?

Yes, it allows users to quickly and easily remove people from photos.

Are there limitations on image upload size in Remover?

No, it accepts images of any size. There are no restrictions on image size.

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