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April 19, 2024

Invoke AI

Free + Paid Plans
Streamline your creative experience by co-creating with Invoke AI, a robust tool that elevates generative art.

What is Invoke: Your Revolutionary Generative Creation Tool?

Invoke is a revolutionary generative creation tool and custom AI model manager that places complete control and ownership of creative works, models, and intellectual property in the hands of users. With powerful, robust features and a user-friendly interface, it helps users harness their creative power and produce professional-quality images while maintaining ownership, security, and control over their creations.

The Invoke Studio serves as a hub for image creation and storage, allowing users to generate images from text, image prompts, or sketches. The Workflow Builder enables custom workflows for consistent image creation, while Queue Management simplifies task management from a single dashboard.

With the multi-user projects feature, collaboration is made easy, providing separate Studio spaces for different projects with role-based access controls and shared images and prompts. Users can manage team access and customize the environment for each project, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to specific projects and resources.

Additionally, Invoke offers custom model management, allowing users to develop, refine, and own custom models based on their intellectual property. It offers options for base model fine-tuning, specialized model creation, and base model upgrades, enabling users to tailor models to their brand and specific image generation needs.

Invoke provides single-tenant hosting for enterprise deployment, along with single sign-on (SSO) integration and audit and activity log features to ensure compliance with internal governance and legal requirements, safeguarding users’ intellectual property.

With tailored solutions for gaming, film & TV, retail, architecture, and product design, Invoke offers value to users across various industries, enabling them to build immersive worlds, create compelling stories, and build brand trust. The tool brings creative visions to life, turning great ideas into valuable products.

Key Features:

  • Text-to-Image:

    Generate images from detailed textual descriptions.

  • Image-to-Image:

    Transform existing images based on your instructions.

  • Inpainting:

    Seamlessly fill in missing parts of images.

  • Outpainting:

    Extend the boundaries of an image creatively.

  • AI Canvas:

    Combine all generation modes into a single workflow for flexible image creation.

  • Dynamic Prompts:

    Generate variations of images based on user-defined options.

  • Custom Model Management:

    Train and use your AI models on specific datasets.

  • Image Generation:

    Transform rough sketches or outlines into detailed images.

  • Workflow Builder:

    Design customized workflows with nodes for various functions.

  • Queue Management:

    Prioritize, pause, and resume image generation tasks effectively.

  • AI Models:

    Access a wide range of pre-trained models covering diverse artistic styles and functionalities.

  • Collaboration:

    Create private or shared workspaces for individual or team projects.

  • Image Gallery:

    Organize and track your generated images with ease.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $49/mo $39/mo
Premium $99/mo $79/mo
Enterprise Custom Custom

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