Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Image Generation:
    Simplifies content generation by automatically adding sensible settings.
  • Ratio Customization:
    Users can easily adjust the aspect ratio of their generated images.
  • Guidance Scale:
    Assists users in fine-tuning their creations. This feature helps you achieve the desired results more effectively.


Mage Space is an image creation tool that allows you to generate a wide range of content. With various models like SDXL, SDV1.5, SDV2.1, ART, PHOTOREALISM, ANIME, EXCLUSIVE, NSFW, INPAINTING, 3D-ART, TXT2GIF, and PIX2PIX, it’s suitable for different creative needs. Its Easy mode provides high-quality generation by adding practical settings. The tool also includes a default negative prompt. You can also adjust the aspect ratio of your images for customization. It further provides a guidance scale to assist in fine-tuning your creations, making it easier to achieve the desired results. Mage Space offers the tools and models to bring your ideas to life.


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