Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Image Upscaling:
    Quickly and easily improve the quality of low-resolution or blurry images.
  • Website Building:
    Offers flawless templates, easy editing, and no coding required for website building. 
  • Writing Assistant:
    Generates text for your website while you’re building it.
  • API Integration:
    Seamlessly integrate the AI Image Upscaler into your applications or company workflows using the Zyro API.
  • Broad Formats:
    Supports the most common image formats, including .JPG and .PNG, guaranteeing no loss of quality for images in different formats.


The Zyro AI Image Upscaler is a tool for enhancing image resolution. The tool ensures your visuals are clear and ready for online use. Zyro’s innovative upscaling technology ensures that even low-resolution images appear high-quality. Whether for your website, online store, or any digital project, this tool helps you present sharp, super-resolution visuals that engage your audience. It also supports various image formats, preserving image quality regardless of the format used. Using the AI Image Upscaler is an easy process. Pick the image you want to upscale. Then click the “Upload” button. Allow the AI technology to enhance your image.


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