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April 18, 2024


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Unleash the power of Bloop for lightning-fast code discovery, editing, and understanding with AI precision.

What is Bloop?

Bloop is a versatile tool that improves developers’ efficiency and understanding of codebases. Its wide set of features empowers users to navigate, search, and generate code with ease.

It has an advanced code search capability and uses natural language queries. Developers can swiftly locate specific pieces of code within their projects. This removes the need for time-consuming keyword searches or reliance on colleagues for help. The tool’s accurate and fast search results ease better code discovery. This promotes API adoption and minimizes code duplication.

The platform helps developers in tackling the challenges posed by legacy code. It transforms convoluted legacy code into understandable explanations written in natural language. This feature is valuable when working under tight deadlines or resolving urgent incidents. It enables developers to grasp the essence of complex codebases swiftly.

Bloop’s Code Studio helps developers generate code based on their existing codebase. It allows them to select files, provide prompts, and create patches, scripts, and tests. Dependency resolution and line-level context granularity make code writing more efficient. The tool uses the existing codebase as a reference. The Code Studio facilitates fast and accurate code generation.

This tool also offers supplementary features and helps with code navigation. It enables users to find examples across multiple programming languages. The platform provides concise explanations of individual files or scripts. It highlights code to aid in understanding complex code structures.

The tool focuses on privacy and uses a locally deployed model to protect users’ code. It also has a regex engine that allows for precise matching of code, identifiers, and paths, which enhances its search capabilities.

This platform offers translations in different languages. Users can use Japanese, Chinese, or Spanish to cater to a diverse user base. Developers worldwide can use it regardless of their linguistic background.

Bloop is a powerful ally for developers and offers an array of tools and features. These aim to streamline code-related tasks and promote productivity in software development endeavors.

Key Features

  • Code Search:

    It facilitates quick and accurate code discovery through natural language search queries.

  • Code Understanding:

    It helps developers learn complex legacy codebases by translating convoluted code into readable natural language explanations.

  • Code Generation:

    Developers can generate code based on existing code context.

  • Code Navigation:

    It allows users to navigate to function definitions and find example usage across many programming languages.

  • Data Security:

    It focuses on user privacy using a locally deployed model.

  • Regex Matching:

    The tool features a purpose-built regex engine that enables precise matching of code, identifiers, and paths.

  • Multilingual Support:

    It provides translations in multiple languages, including Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish.

Pricing table :

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Premium $20

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