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15 Best AI Email Management Tools Feature Image

15 Best AI Email Management Tools in 2024

November 8, 2023
6 minutes read
Table of Contents

In the fast-paced world of modern communication, email remains irreplaceable. However, with daily messages flooding our inboxes, staying on top of emails can be overwhelming. This is where the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) transforms how we manage and interact with our emails. From prioritizing messages to automating responses, AI tools have become invaluable assets in managing our inboxes efficiently. 

This blog explores some of the finest AI email inbox management tools. These tools are technological marvels and practical solutions designed to streamline your inbox. These allow you to focus on what truly matters. 

Whether you’re a busy professional, an entrepreneur, or simply looking for a more innovative way to handle emails, this guide is here to help you make informed decisions about incorporating AI into your email workflow. Let’s dive in.

15 Best AI Email Management Tools

1. SaneBox

Murf Feature Image

SaneBox is a tool designed to help you easily manage your email inbox. It is equipped with powerful artificial intelligence, making it an intelligent and trainable inbox assistant. With daily updates on what was sorted and other email activity, you can be sure that you never miss anything important. You can easily eliminate unwanted emails by putting them into the SaneBlack hole. You can train it with special filters, contact training, and more to make it work even better.

Key Features

  1. Reminders: Receive regular notifications on email sorting, providing transparency and control over your inbox.
  2. Eliminate Unwanted Mails: Easily dispose unwanted emails by moving them to the SaneBlack Hole.
  3. Personalize: Teach SaneBox which emails are most important to you by marking them as necessary, allowing the tool to adapt to your needs.
  4. Sort Emails: Intelligently sort and prioritize your emails, ensuring you see the most important ones first.


  • Intelligent AI-driven email management for effective inbox organization.
  • Daily updates provide insights on sorted emails and enhance productivity.
  • The SaneBlack hole feature allows easy elimination of unwanted emails.
  • Customizable filters and contact training for personalized email handling.
  • Helps prevent important emails from getting lost in a cluttered inbox.


  • Some users may find it takes time to fine-tune filters for optimal performance.
  • Requires a subscription, which may be an additional expense for some users.


SaneBox offers three pricing models– Snack, Lunch, and Dinner. 

  • Snack: 1 email account with any two features for $3.49 monthly, $29/yearly, $49/bi-yearly
  • Lunch: 2 email accounts with six features each for $5.99 monthly, $49/yearly, $84/
  • Dinner: 4 email accounts with all features for $16.99 monthly

2. Sales Handy

Lovo Feature Image

Sales Handy is an email management and automation tool. It offers cold email automation with high deliverability. With hyper-personalized follow-ups for days, weeks, and months in advance, you can close more deals and get a high reply rate. The tool allows for the use of up to 50 custom merge tags to personalize your emails. With Saleshandy’s Unified Inbox, you can easily organize your inbox by categorizing your leads into Interested, Not Interested, Auto Responder, and more. This feature enables you to manage all your emails in one place. Additionally, its Email Tracker feature lets you track and analyze who opened your emails, link clicks, and more.  

Key Features

  1. Automated Cold Emails: High deliverability cold email automation to reach potential leads and prospects effectively.
  2. Auto Follow-ups: Schedule follow-ups, ensuring even communication to increase reply rates and close more deals.
  3. Inbox Organization: Organize your inbox by categorizing leads for manageable communications. 
  4. Email Tracker: Track and analyze email engagement metrics, including open rates, link clicks, and more. 
  5. Email Warm-up: Increase your deliverability in no time.
  6. Unified Inbox: Keep all your communications organized with Unified Inbox.
  7. LinkedIn Email Finder: Find your email address from LinkedIn.


  • Effective cold email automation with high deliverability.
  • Hyper-personalized follow-up capabilities for improved reply rates.
  • Custom merge tags for highly personalized email communication.
  • Unified inbox for streamlined lead organization and management.
  • Email tracker feature for detailed email interaction insights.


  • Initial setup and fine-tuning may require some learning.
  • Advanced features may be limited in lower-tier subscription plans


Sales Handy offers four pricing models, both monthly and annually. 

  • Outreach Basic: With this plan, you can access the basic features for $36 per month or $25 per year.
  • Outreach Pro: In this plan, you will have access to pro features like integration and more, billed at $99/month and $74/year.
  • Outreach Scale: This model is specifically for businesses offering increased outreach emails. The plan starts from $199/month and $149/year. 
  • Outreach Scale Plus: This plan is for anyone wanting a custom prospects limit. It costs $299/month and $219/year for 100,000 prospects.
ElevenLabs Feature Image

Spark is an email assistant and management tool that uses AI to help you write better emails. With Spark, you can compose emails, rephrase them, correct grammar mistakes, and adjust the tone to match your audience. The app also has a Summary feature that creates a summary of long email threads, making it easy to get up to speed on essential conversations quickly. 

Another unique feature of this tool is Smart Inbox. It automatically sorts your emails into personal, newsletter, and notification categories so you can quickly find what you need. You can also use the Gatekeeper feature to accept or block incoming email accounts, ensuring you only receive emails from people you want to hear from. 

To help you stay organized, Spark lets you highlight priority senders, pin important emails, and even block email senders if necessary. You can also snooze emails, set reminders, label your inbox, and more. 

Finally, Spark supports team collaboration, allowing teams to compose emails in real-time, manage teams, and assign tasks. With all these features, Spark is the perfect email management tool for individuals and teams.

Key Features

  1. Email Assitance: Compose, rephrase, correct grammar, and adjust the tone of your emails, ensuring effective communication.
  2. Email Summarization: Get concise summaries of long email threads, enabling you to catch up on important conversations. 
  3. Smart Inbox: Automatically categorize emails for efficient organization and enhanced productivity. Also, Control incoming email accounts by accepting or blocking them.
  4. Priority Senders and Pinning: Effortlessly Highlight and prioritize emails from specific senders.


  • AI-powered email assistance for enhanced communication.
  • Email summaries for a quick catch-up on important conversations.
  • Smart inbox categorization for efficient organization.
  • Control over incoming email accounts with the Gatekeeper feature.
  • Priority sender highlighting and pinning for easy access.
  • Robust team collaboration features for effective teamwork.


  • The free version may have limited access to premium features.
  • Some users may require time to explore and utilize advanced functionalities fully.


  • Free Access: You will get access to basic features for free. 
  • Premium individual: This plan will provide you access to premium features starting from $4.99/month to $59.99 per year. 
  • Premium Teams: This model suits teams and businesses focused on collaboration, billed at $6.99 per user/month and $83.88 per year 

4. Help Scout

Speechify Feature Image

Help Scout is a great tool for businesses looking for effective customer conversation in one platform. It offers a shared inbox for better email management. This allows the team’s email into a shared inbox to work together, boost productivity, and build important relationships. You can customize your replies by creating a searchable library of answers to frequently asked questions, then insert them into replies in two clicks. This tool helps you streamline your workflow by automating actions, creating customer folders, and sending bulk replies. Additionally, it allows integration with your CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and other applications. 

Key Features

  1. Team Collaboration: Provide a collaborative environment for your team by consolidating all customer emails into one shared inbox. 
  2. Automate Tasks: Streamline workflow by automating repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on more complex ones. 
  3. Customizable Replies: Respond to multiple customers with similar queries simultaneously, saving time. 
  4. Integration Capabilities: Integration with your CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and other tools and applications.


  • A shared inbox promotes team collaboration and productivity.
  • Customizable replies and knowledge base streamline customer interactions.
  • Automation and integration capabilities enhance workflow efficiency.
  • Robust reporting and analytics for performance tracking.
  • Multi-channel support for comprehensive customer engagement.


  • The free version may have limited access to premium features.
  • Advanced functionalities may require time for full utilization and customization.


Help Scout offers three plans, both annually and monthly: 

  • Standard: In this plan, you will get access to basic features billed at $25/month and $20/year. 
  • Plus: This offers advanced features billed at $50/month and $40/year. 
  • Pro: The Pro is only available annually at $65 with access to more advanced services. 

5. Boomerang for Gmail

Synthesis Feature Image

Boomerang for Gmail is an email management tool designed to help you organize your Gmail inbox more efficiently. This tool provides you with various features, such as setting reminders, scheduling meetings, writing emails, and much more. 

It supports multiple calendars and allows you to integrate with Zoom and Google Meet. You can also view dual time zones and schedule your email delivery for later. With the Inbox Pause feature, you can stop new emails from entering your inbox until you’re ready to read them. 

This tool can help you build better communication and relationships by making email management more effortless.

Key Features

  1. Reminders: Set reminders for important emails to ensure they are addressed in a timely manner.
  2. Email Scheduling: Schedule emails to be sent at a later time or date, optimizing communication for different time zones
  3. Calendar Integration: Integrate with multiple calendars, including Google Calendar, and sync events for seamless scheduling.
  4. Zoom and Google Meet Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Zoom and Google Meet to schedule and manage virtual meetings directly from your email.


  • Efficient email scheduling and reminder features enhance productivity.
  • Seamless integration with Zoom, Google Meet, and multiple calendars for easy meeting scheduling.
  • Dual time zone viewing and email delivery scheduling optimize global communication.
  • The Inbox Pause feature allows for focused work without new email distractions.
  • Read receipts and response tracking provide valuable insights into email engagement.


  • Some advanced features may require a paid subscription for access.
  • Reliance on third-party integration for video conferencing may require additional setup.
  • Mobile app experience may vary based on device and operating system.


Boomerang for Gmail has three pricing plans: 

  • Basic: This plan is free to use with basic features. 
  • Personal: The plan starts from $4.98/Month, billed annually. 
  • Pro: The Pro plan starts from $14.98/Month, billed annually. 
  • Premium: This plan offers advanced features starting at $49.98/Month, billed annually.

6. Edison Mail

Listnr Feature Image

Edison Mail is an email app designed to simplify your inbox experience. It combines all your email accounts in one convenient place, making it effortless to manage them. It offers a unified inbox for all your accounts, making it a versatile and user-friendly email management solution.

It has powerful features, including Dark Mode, snooze messages, and Custom Swipe quick actions, to boost your inbox efficiency.

It automatically blocks over 8,600 spy pixels in your inbox, ensuring your emails remain private and secure. You can easily unsubscribe from bothersome senders with a single tap and block unwanted domains. 

Whether you are using Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Exchange, or Gmail, Edison Mail seamlessly integrates with them all. You can also download the app for both iOS and Android devices. With Edison Mail, you can manage more, save time, and regain control over your inbox. 

Key Features

  1. Unified Inbox: Manage all your email accounts in one place, providing a clean and organized inbox experience.
  2. Cross-Platform Integration: Seamlessly integrates with popular email platforms like Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Exchange, and Gmail. 
  3. Intuitive Interface: Offers a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and a simplified email experience.
  4. Custom Swipe Actions: Customize swipe gestures to perform specific actions, streamlining your email management process.


  • Unified inbox streamlines email management across multiple accounts.
  • Dark mode, snooze messages, and custom swipe actions enhance user experience.
  • Advanced privacy features, including spy pixel blocking, ensure email security.
  • Convenient one-tap unsubscribe and domain blocking reduce inbox clutter.
  • Cross-platform integration and support for popular email providers offer versatility.


  • Some advanced features may require a paid subscription for access.
  • Feature availability may vary between iOS and Android versions of the app.
  • Limited customization options compared to some other email clients.


Contact for pricing

7. Superhuman

WellSaid Feature Image

Superhuman is an email management app that specifically caters to high-performing teams. It uses AI’s power to transform how you manage your inbox and saves you time. Whether you use Gmail or Outlook, Superhuman provides innovative features to boost your email experience.

It generates complete emails in your unique voice and tone with just a few phrases. The Split Inbox feature helps you focus on crucial emails by automatically prioritizing messages from your team, essential tools, and VIPs.

You can stay on top of essential conversations by setting reminders for timely follow-ups. The Snippets feature automates frequently used phrases, saving you time and effort. Additionally, you can snooze emails to deal with them when you’re ready, ensuring an organized and productive inbox.

You can get insights with read statuses to determine the best follow-up timing. Its Autocorrect feature helps maintain a seamless flow by fixing errors in real-time. 

The platform integrates social insights from various platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter into your workflow, helping you connect effectively.

You can access your calendar without losing focus and instantly schedule events from your email. Superhuman is not just an email tool but a game-changer for anyone seeking efficient and effective email management.

Key Features

  1. Email Drafts: Automatically generates complete emails unique to your style and tone.
  2. Split Inbox: Prioritize important emails automatically using the Split Inbox feature. 
  3. Reminders: Set reminders for timely follow-ups on important conversations.
  4. Read Status Insights: Gain insights on when recipients read your emails for perfect follow-up timing.
  5. Autocorrect: Fix errors in real-time, maintaining a seamless flow of communication.
  6. Integration: Integrate LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter social insights into your workflow.


  • AI-powered email drafting reduces writer’s block and boosts productivity.
  • Split Inbox prioritizes important messages, improving focus and efficiency.
  • Reminders and read status insights enhance timely follow-ups and communication.
  • The Autocorrect feature ensures seamless communication by fixing errors in real-time.
  • Integration with social platforms provides valuable context for effective networking.


  • Superhuman’s pricing may be high for some individual users or small teams.
  • Enterprise plan pricing is not disclosed, requiring potential customers to request a quote.
  • Some users may find the range of features overwhelming and may not utilize them to their full potential.


Superhuman offers three pricing models: 

  • Starter: This plan is for individuals and small teams, starting from $30/month. 
  • Growth: This plan is designed for growing teams at $30/month for 5 users. 
  • Enterprise: This plan is for larger teams and contact for pricing details. 

8. Mail Bird

Resemble AI Feature Image

Mailbird is an email client that simplifies managing multiple email accounts. One of its standout features is the AI-powered email writing capability powered by ChatGPT. This feature lets you easily create high-quality emails, making it a valuable tool. Additionally, Mailbird syncs all your emails and contacts from various accounts into one organized inbox.

It supports app integrations with popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Google Calendar, and more. You can snooze messages for later to prioritize the most important emails at any given time. The tool also offers customization features, such as choosing your notification sounds. The intuitive keyboard shortcuts for everyday actions like archiving, composing, and replying make email management more efficient.

For international users, Mailbird supports 17 different languages. You can also customize your workspace with various backgrounds to suit your mood.

Mailbird stands out for its seamless app integration, clean interface, and user-friendly design, making it easy to control your inbox in just a few minutes.

Key Features

  1. Email Generation: ChatGPT integration enables the effortless creation of high-quality emails for various purposes.
  2. Unified Inbox: Syncs emails and contacts from multiple accounts into one organized inbox.
  3. App Integrations: Seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Google Calendar, and more.
  4. Customization Options: Choose notification sounds and select from various backgrounds to personalize your workspace. It also offers tone and style options to personalize your communication further.
  5. Multilingual Support: Available in 17 different languages for international users.


  • AI-powered email writing enhances email composition and saves time.
  • Unified inbox streamlines email management across multiple accounts.
  • App integrations with popular platforms enhance productivity and workflow.
  • Message snoozing feature allows for prioritization of important emails.
  • Customization options provide a personalized email experience.


  • Some advanced features may require a learning curve for new users.
  • Paid versions may be required to access premium features.


Mailbird offers three pricing models: 

  • Free: This includes basic features free of cost with no hidden fees. 
  • Personal Yearly: This plan costs ₹174.94 / user/mo. A personal pay once plan is also billed at ₹3999.50 / user.
  • Business yearly: This plan costs ₹320.83 / user/mo. There is a Business Pay Once billed at ₹7499.75 / user.

9. Canary Mail

Play HT Feature Image

Canary Mail is an AI-powered email client to help you easily compose better emails and save time. It is excellent at summarizing lengthy emails, allowing you to stay up-to-date without the hassle. With your AI Copilot, you can streamline email management by automating mundane tasks.

It integrates all your email accounts into a Unified Inbox, providing a centralized view of all your emails. You can prioritize your tasks efficiently with Smart Prioritization and clear out clutter with Bulk Cleaner. With features like Read Receipts and Send Later, you can gain insight into your emails’ journey and schedule messages for the perfect timing.

You can keep important emails within easy reach or neatly out of sight using the Pin & Snooze features. It offers encryption options like PGP and SecureSend for added privacy. You can be assured that no ads or data mining are involved, putting your privacy first.

Key Features

  1. Email Composition: Compose more effective emails, saving time and effort.
  2. Email Summarization: Summarizing lengthy emails lets users grasp the main points quickly.
  3. AI Copilot: Automate repetitive tasks and manage emails more efficiently with your AI assistant.
  4. Unified Inbox: Integrate all your email accounts into one centralized inbox for seamless email management.
  5. Bulk Cleaner: Streamline your inbox by easily clearing out unnecessary emails in bulk.
  6. Read Receipts: Gain insight into the status of your sent emails and know when they’ve been read.
  7. Email Scheduling: Schedule emails to be sent at the most opportune time.
  8. Send Later: Keep important emails at the forefront or set them aside for later attention.


  • AI-powered email composition enhances email effectiveness, saving time.
  • The email summarization feature provides a quick understanding of lengthy emails.
  • AI Copilot automates tasks, streamlining email management for increased productivity.
  • Unified Inbox centralizes all email accounts for seamless management.
  • Bulk Cleaner efficiently clears out unnecessary emails, reducing inbox clutter.


  • Enterprise plan pricing may be considered high for some businesses.
  • Users who prefer alternative email clients may find Canary Mail’s interface less familiar.


Canary Mail offers three pricing models: 

  • Free: This is best for students and personal use and is free forever. 
  • Pro: This plan is best for professionals starting at $20/year.
  • Enterprise: The plan is for large companies starting at $100/user/year

10. Newton Mail

Sonantic Feature Image

Newton Mail is a highly efficient email application that caters to business communication. It’s a fast, visually appealing, and reliable app that works seamlessly across devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, or Windows. One of its best features is Read Receipts, which notify you when your email has been read. The recap feature ensures you never miss any unresolved conversations, returning them to focus. Its Tidy Inbox automatically removes any unnecessary clutter, leaving only the essential emails for your attention. 

Moreover, it integrates with popular productivity tools and allows you to save emails to apps such as Todoist, Evernote, OneNote, and more. You can use the Snooze feature to temporarily set emails aside and return to them at a more convenient time. You can also schedule emails to reach recipients’ inboxes at the most effective time. With True Dark Mode, you can have an eye-friendly experience that adjusts to your preferences and the time of day. 

With Newton Mail, your email experience is enhanced, allowing you to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Key Features

  1. Email Organization: Automatically removes newsletters and distractions, allowing you to focus on important emails.
  2. Integration with Productivity Tools: Integrates with popular productivity apps like Todoist, Evernote, OneNote, Trello, and more. 
  3. Email Scheduling: Schedule emails in the recipient’s inbox at the perfect time.
  4. Tidy Inbox: Filter out and screen unnecessary emails for a calmer, more focused inbox.
  5. Dark Mode: Eye-friendly dark mode that adjusts to your preferences and the time of day.


  • Efficiently organizes emails, removing distractions for improved focus.
  • Seamless integration with productivity tools enhances workflow efficiency.
  • Email scheduling ensures messages reach recipients at optimal times.
  • The Tidy Inbox feature filters out unnecessary emails, promoting a focused inbox.
  • Dark Mode provides an eye-friendly experience tailored to user preferences.


  • Limited pricing options, with a single plan at $49.99/year.
  • Availability on select platforms may limit accessibility for some users.
  • Some advanced features may have a learning curve for new users.
  • No free or trial version, potentially averting budget-conscious users.


Newton Mail offers a single pricing plan billed at $49.99/year.

11. Email Tree

Amazon Polly Feature Image

EmailTree is an email management solution that uses generative AI for better customer service. It uses your internal knowledge base to provide quick and accurate replies, automating your email responses quickly. It excels in handling a large volume of customer requests. Thus ensuring consistent and satisfactory results across all channels. With its Smart Reply feature, EmailTree enables lightning-fast responses to customer inquiries, comments, and complaints. This improves both employee and customer experiences with a personal touch. 

It integrates with your existing systems, making it easy to incorporate data. You can automate a significant portion of your workload, resulting in impressive efficiency and productivity. 

Moreover, the tool understands customer requests and generates actionable insights for swift decision-making. Its empathy-driven responses and intelligent document processing empower your team to collaborate efficiently and provide exceptional customer engagement.

Key Features

  1. Automate Responses: Provides quick and accurate replies, automating email responses effectively.
  2. Internal Knowledge Base Integration: It uses your internal knowledge base to ensure well-informed and accurate responses.
  3. Smart Reply: The AI-powered Smart Reply feature allows for rapid responses to customer inquiries. 
  4. Seamless Integration: Integrates with existing systems, facilitating easy data assimilation and workflow incorporation.


  • Efficient automated responses for quick customer service.
  • Integration with the internal knowledge base ensures accurate replies.
  • Smart Reply feature enables rapid responses.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems.
  • High-volume request handling for consistent results.
  • Provides actionable insights from customer requests.


  • Higher pricing tiers may be costly for small businesses.
  • The learning curve for full customization of responses.


Email Tree offers five pricing models: 

  • Starter: It includes 300 Conversations/month. EmailTree inbox + Chrome extension + Zendesk App billed at 120 € /month
  • Essential: This plan includes 1000 Conversations/month. EmailTree inbox + Chrome extension + Zendesk App billed at 290 € /month
  • Growth: It includes 2000 Conversations/month. EmailTree inbox + Chrome extension + Zendesk App billed at 490 € /month
  • Scale: It includes 5000 Conversations/month. EmailTree inbox + Chrome extension + Zendesk App billed at 1,190 € /month
  • Enterprise: This includes Custom conversations volume. EmailTree inbox + Chrome extension + Zendesk App. Contact for pricing. 

12. Smart Writer

Google Cloud Text to Speech Feature Image

Smart Writer is a powerful tool that can revolutionize your email outreach process. This tool is specifically designed for businesses that want to optimize and manage cold emails. You can generate personalized emails to achieve significantly higher reply rates. This innovative solution eliminates the need for manual research and writing. Thus making your outreach efforts 40 times faster and 6 times more cost-effective than traditional methods.

One of the standout features of Smart Writer is its ability to tap into a wide range of data sources, including podcasts, interviews, articles, and more.

For businesses with low online visibility, Smart Writer offers tailored solutions. Whether you’re targeting salons, cafes, or similar establishments, the tool leverages Google and Facebook reviews to generate personalized emails. With Smart Writer, connecting with decision-makers and even booking meetings is seamless.

Overall, Smart Writer is a game-changing tool that empowers you to communicate with prospects with a personal touch. 

Key Features

  1. Automated Email Writing: Streamlines the entire research and copywriting process, allowing you to send highly converting emails with just one click.
  2. Improved Response Rates: Create tailored cold emails for sales or backlinks, resulting in significantly higher reply rates.
  3. Personalized Cold Emails: Generate personalized emails for higher reply rates, optimizing your outreach process.


  • Automates email writing, making outreach more efficient.
  • Generates highly personalized cold emails for better response rates.
  • Improves outreach speed and cost-effectiveness.


  • Pricing may be on the higher side for some businesses.
  • Effectiveness may vary depending on the quality of data sources.
  • Integration complexities with specific CRM systems could arise.


Smart Writer offers three pricing models: 

  • Basic: This plan will give you access to basic features starting at $59/month. 
  • Popular Plan: This plan offers advanced features starting from $149/month. 
  • Pro Plan: The pro plan is best for large companies, starting from $359/month.

13. Drag

Microsoft Azure Text to Speech Feature Image

Drag is a powerful tool designed to enhance your Gmail experience. It functions as a Shared Inbox, making it easy for teams to collaborate and manage work directly within Gmail or Google Workspace. 

With Drag, you can centralize your operations, whether handling leads, supporting customers, or managing various tasks. It brings teamwork into your Gmail inbox, eliminating the need to navigate between different tools or forward emails between teams.

You can efficiently organize your tasks, set deadlines, and add notes directly on top of emails. The tool’s intuitive board feature lets you visualize your work, making managing customer support and sales pipelines easy. You can even automate routine tasks like email follow-ups, further streamlining your workflow.

In addition, Drag offers robust reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights into team performance and areas for improvement. It integrates with over 3,000 apps through its Zapier integration, allowing you to connect your favorite tools and enhance your productivity.

Drag is a game-changer for anyone seeking a more efficient and streamlined workflow.

Key Features

  • Shared Inbox: Transform Gmail into a collaborative workspace for your team to manage support, operations, and sales pipelines.
  • Task Organization: Easily manage to-do lists, set deadlines, and add notes directly to emails, keeping your day organized and productive.
  • Task Automation: Automate email follow-ups and board management to streamline workflow and save time.
  • Insights: Gain clear insights into team performance and identify areas for improvement with reporting capabilities.


  • Turns Gmail into a collaborative workspace, streamlining team operations.
  • Efficient task organization with deadlines and notes directly on emails.
  • Intuitive board view for visualizing and managing customer support and sales pipelines.
  • Automation of routine tasks like email follow-ups, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Seamless integration with over 3,000 apps through Zapier for enhanced productivity.


  • The free version may have limited features for larger teams.
  • Some advanced features are only available in higher-tier plans.


Drag offers three pricing models: 

  • Free: For small teams that need the essentials at no cost. 
  • Starter: For teams starting with collaboration & automation at $8 per user/month, billed yearly, and $10 per user/month if billed monthly.
  • Plus: For growing teams that need to scale work at $12 per user/month, billed yearly, and $15 per user/month if billed monthly.
  • Pro: For teams with advanced email workflows at $16 per user/month, billed yearly, and $20 per user/month if billed monthly.

14. Clean Email

Descript Feature Image

Clean Email is a powerful email management tool designed to manage your inbox. It efficiently handles overloaded mailboxes, filtering out unread and unwanted emails. Clean Email is committed to data safety and privacy, ensuring your information remains secure.

The application simplifies email cleanup with a user-friendly interface, making the process easy. It organizes your mailbox into smart folders using rules and filters. This streamlines your email management, saving you time and effort.

One of Clean Email’s standout features is its “Unsubscriber”. It handles unwanted subscriptions on your behalf. It sends unsubscribe requests and even blocks senders who ignore such requests. Thus ensuring your inbox is free from irrelevant clutter.

It is compatible with all major email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, and Outlook. It works seamlessly alongside your favorite email client, allowing you to use your preferred tools.

It employs encryption techniques to safeguard your information, and the application only analyzes email headers for metadata, never accessing the content of emails or attachments.

Key Features

  1. Email Cleanup: Quick and efficient email cleanup for enhanced management and efficient workflow.
  2. Smart Folders: Smart folder organization for easy email review, making organization effortless. 
  3. Unsubscribe Feature: Handles unwanted subscriptions by removing them.
  4. Compatibility: Works with major email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, and Outlook.
  5. Seamless Integration: Works alongside preferred email clients, allowing users to utilize their favorite tools.


  • Streamlines inbox management by filtering out unwanted emails.
  • Provides an intuitive interface for easy email cleanup.
  • Organizes mailbox into smart folders for efficient email review.
  • Handles unwanted subscriptions and removes them from the inbox.
  • Works with major email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, and Outlook.


  • Requires a subscription for full access to features.
  • The free version has limitations on usage.


Clean Email offers a three-tier pricing model:

  • For 1 account, ₹ 731.60/month
  • For 5 accounts, ₹ 1,438.42/month
  • For 10 accounts, ₹ 2,181.82/month

15. AI Mail Assitant

Speechelo Feature Image

AI Mail Assistant is a Gmail add-on that uses advanced AI technology to transform email management. It has powerful features that optimize productivity, offering quick, precise, and professional results. It uses GPT-4, OpenAI’s cutting-edge AI technology. It can generate responses, summarize emails, improve drafts, translate, and analyze ethical issues. The app prioritizes privacy and security, with minimal data access and a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with OpenAI. This tool is suitable for busy professionals and customer support teams. It empowers users across various domains to manage emails efficiently, saving time and enhancing communication.

Key Features

  1. Response Generation: Craft answers to your emails effortlessly, saving you time and effort composing replies.
  2. Translation Capabilities: Seamlessly translate emails into different languages, including English, French, Spanish, and more.
  3. ChatGPT Access: Engage with ChatGPT directly from your mailbox.


  • Utilizes advanced GPT-4 technology for precise email management.
  • Saves time by generating responses, summarizing emails, and improving drafts.
  • Offers multilingual support with seamless translation capabilities.
  • Analyzes emails for ethical considerations, ensuring professionalism.
  • Versatile application for professionals and customer support teams in various domains.


  • It may require in-app purchases for certain advanced features or extended usage.
  • Currently limited to Gmail users, potentially excluding users on other email platforms.


AI Mail Assitant is a free download add-on but might need some in-app purchases.

Best Tool for Personal Use

If you’re a student, freelancer, or professional and want to simplify your inbox management while accessing basic features.  Then, you should consider using a tool that is easy to use and offers features that can automate specific tasks. 

To achieve this, we recommend the following tools.

  • Boomerang for Gmail 
  • AI Mail Assitant 
  • Mail Bird

Best Tool for Professional Use

Proper AI tools for inbox management is important for businesses, startups, and large firms. Consistent customer service management, follow-ups, outreach emails, cold emails, and more is crucial. Therefore, it is essential to use team-friendly and high-power email management tools for such tasks. 

Here are some recommended tools for professional use: 

  • Newton Mail
  • Smart Writer
  • Superhuman


AI tools have powered email management. These tools enhance productivity, streamline communication, and save valuable time. 

From the intuitive organization offered by Clean Email to the powerful collaboration capabilities of Drag, each tool brings a unique set of features tailored to meet diverse user needs. Newton Mail and EmailTree cater specifically to businesses, providing specialized features like read receipts and automated responses. Smart Writer empowers users with personalized email outreach, while AI Mail Assistant optimizes email responses using advanced AI. 

All these mentioned tools help with cluttered inboxes and crafting time-consuming responses. With these, you can enjoy a more efficient, effective, and stress-free way to handle emails. It’s time to take control of your inbox and let AI do the rest of the job. 


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