15 Best AI Face Swap Tools To Try in 2024
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Best AI Face Swap Tools in 2024

December 6, 2023

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Have you ever dreamt of wearing a different face, one inspired by your idols or those you find very beautiful or handsome? Well, guess what; it’s now a digital reality, thanks to AI. 

Gone are the days of stretching photo editing. Now, in a matter of minutes, AI Face Swap tools can exchange one person’s face for another’s. It’s a technological wonder that fuses creativity with simplicity. In this blog, we’ll delve into the “Best AI Face Swap Tools.” 

Discover how AI, trained with deep learning methods, can trade one face for another in images and videos. It will turn your wildest face-swapping dreams into a digital reality. So, get ready for an exciting journey into the realm of facial transformation.

What are AI Face Swap Tools?

AI Face Swap is a software application that uses AI to swap faces between individuals in photos and videos. These tools have earned their popularity by creating entertaining changes. They offer a range of functionalities: 

  • Face Swapping 

These tools can replace and detect faces in images or videos. It allows users to swap the faces of family, friends, or celebrities. 

  • Realistic Blending 

These tools provide a high level of realism. They blend the swapped face with the original image’s lighting, color, and texture. 

  • Emotion Transfer 

Some advanced tools can transfer expressions or emotions from one person’s face to another. 

  • Gender and Age Transformation 

These tools can change the gender or age of a person in an image. This shows the potential for creative changes.

  • Deepfake Generation 

AI Face Swap Tools can be used for deepfake creation, where a person’s face can be placed onto another person’s body in video footage. 

While these tools offer exciting possibilities for creative expression and entertainment, they also present ethical concerns about privacy and misinformation. As technology grows, using these tools responsibly and honestly is essential. The users should respect the consent and privacy of all the individuals involved.

Best AI Face Swap Tools

1. Pica AI FaceSwap

Deepfaceswap AI Feature Image

Pica AI FaceSwap lets users swap faces in photos and videos. The tool offers features such as single-face, group photo, and video face swaps. This offers users with a fun and creative experience. 

Users can upload their target image or video clip containing the face they want to replace and then upload the source face or faces they want to swap in. The AI technology then swaps the faces. This allows users to preview and download their creations. 

This user-friendly tool ensures precise face matches and smooth transitions. It focuses on user privacy, assuring every face swap created, uploaded, or generated is only visible to the user. This commitment to privacy allows users to enjoy the creative process with complete control.

Key Features

  • Face Swap:

    Users can swap a single face within a photo or video.

  • Group Photo Face Swap:

    This enables users to swap many faces within a group photo.

  • Video Face Swap:

    Users can swap faces within a video.

  • Data Security:

    All face swaps are only visible to the user.


  • Users can enjoy diverse face swap options.
  • Offers a unique “Magic Avatar” feature.
  • Pica AI FaceSwap prioritizes user privacy.
  • The tool eases rapid and precise face matches.
  • Access to a vast library of templates.


  • The tool may need users to create an account to get some features.
  • Some users may prefer a standalone application.


This tool is free, and the pricing starts at $4.99 per month.

2. Vidnoz AI FaceSwap

Deepfaceswap AI Feature Image

Vidnoz AI FaceSwap can swap faces in videos and images. It offers users an efficient way to create entertaining and engaging visual content. It has a cutting-edge AI technology and intuitive interface. 

Users can improve storytelling, create humorous content, and personalize visual media. This tool ease face-swapping, saving time and effort in manual editing. Users can bring a fun and creative element to their visual content, improving its entertainment value. 

Vidnoz AI FaceSwap lets users boost their videos and images with engaging face swaps. It contributes to increased viewer engagement and interaction. It is a helpful tool for people and businesses. They can include face swaps in their visual content.

Key Features

  • Face Swap:

    Users can choose from various AI avatars.

  • AI Voices:

    It provides natural text-to-speech (TTS) voices.

  • Video Templates:

    The tool offers a vast collection of editable video templates.

  • Text-to-Speech:

    Users can create videos from text only.

  • Customization:

    Users can personalize the layout of videos to their needs.

  • Multilingual Support:

    The tool supports over 140 languages.


  • It provides diverse AI avatars, voices, and templates.
  • Users can create content in various languages.
  • It allows users to create videos from text only.
  • Users can create AI videos from text, images, audio, clips, and animations.


  • There may be limitations in customizing the videos.
  • Users may face restraints if they need a level of creative control.


This tool is free, and the pricing starts at $4.99 per month.

3. Deepswap

Deepfaceswap AI Feature Image

Deepswap is an AI face swap tool that helps users with creative possibilities. It changes normal photos and videos into fun content. 

Deepswap offers a simple and user-friendly experience without any ads or watermarks. The AI inpainting and outpainting features of this tool sets this tool apart from other AI tools. These features allow you to edit and expand your images. 

This tool is a go-to for both beginners and experienced creators. It makes high-quality face swaps, memes, and GIFs available to all. Deepswap respects your privacy and does not collect data or filter content.

Key Features

  • AI Face Swap:

    It easily creates face swap videos, photos, and GIFs.

  • AI Inpainting:

    It removes objects or fills missing parts in images.

  • AI Outpainting:

    It expands image backgrounds.

  • Movie Role-Play:

    It generates realistic character-changing videos.

  • Photo Editing:

    It quickly edits compelling face swap photos.

  • Reface Multiple Faces:

    Morph up to six faces in the same clip.


  • It is a versatile tool for creative face swaps and edits.
  • Its user-friendly interface allows quick and easy use.
  • This tool is data-safe and respects privacy.
  • It supports multiple face swaps in a single clip.
  • No watermarks or content filters.


  • The AI results can vary in quality.
  • This tool may not appeal to users looking for professional results.


The pricing plan starts at $9.99 per month.

4. Face Swapper

Face Swapper Feature Image

Face Swapper offers a user-friendly solution for automatic face swapping from photos. This free and unlimited online tool simplifies the swapping process. 

It allows users to upload their chosen photo and the image from which they wish to swap faces. Face Swapper is a suitable option for those looking for a quick and easy way to create entertaining face swap content. 

It has an easy process, which makes it a good choice for users who want efficiency and simplicity. Enhance your photos and have fun with this practical online tool for face swapping.

Key Features

  • Face Swap:

    This tool quickly swaps faces in photos.

  • Free and Unlimited:

    It has no cost or usage limitations.

  • User-Friendly:

    It has a simple upload or drag-and-drop interface.


  • This tool is easy to use for everyone.
  • It provides fast and hassle-free face swapping.


  • It has limited advanced features or editing options.
  • It lacks extra creative tools or effects.


This AI tool is free to use.

5. Icons8 Face Swapper

Icons8 Face Swapper Feature Image

Icons8 Face Swapper takes face swapping to a professional level. It gives perfect results with the highest resolution. Its Multiswap feature lets you replace many faces in a single photo. 

This face swapper saves time by easing the editing process. This tool creates quick and high-quality face swaps without lowering image quality. Users can adjust faces for design, advertising, and the fashion industry. 

Icons8 Face Swapper improves image resolution without quality loss. It removes backgrounds from photos and also supports batch uploads. Icons8 Face Swapper offers accuracy for your creative and professional needs.

Key Features

  • Face Swap:

    It can replace many faces within a single photo.

  • Time Efficient:

    It provides quick AI face swapping.

  • Quality Protection:

    It maintains the original picture quality.

  • Removes Background:

    It supports batch uploads for easy background removal.


  • It gives professional and high-resolution face swaps.
  • It is a user-friendly tool.
  • It has many uses across various industries.
  • It preserves quality and improves image resolution.


  • It does not offer many advanced editing options.
  • The quality of face swaps may vary based on source images.


The pricing plan starts at $19 per month.

6. Pixble

Pixble Feature Image

Pixble is an AI-powered photo reface tool that brings ease to face swapping. It refaces your photos and also keeps their quality while achieving accuracy. 

Pixble detects and maps facial features for accurate 3D display using AI. This tool gives great results even when faces are rotated or tilted. 

Pixble offers easy integration through its API. It has automatic processing and removes worries about resource management. Pixble lets users create captivating face swaps with convenience and realism.

Key Features

  • Face Swap:

    It provides high-quality face swaps.

  • 3D Face Display:

    It gives accurate and realistic results.

  • Versatile:

    It works with rotated and tilted faces.

  • Integration:

    It offers an API for application integration.

  • Quality Protection:

    It maintains image quality during the process.


  • It gives natural face swapping with AI.
  • It is fit for various face orientations.
  • No manual resource management is required.


  • The results may vary based on photo quality.
  • It may not offer advanced editing features.
  • It is limited to face-swapping and may not include other creative tools


The pricing plan starts at $4.99 per month.

7. Swapface

Swapface Feature Image

Swapface is an AI beauty filter tool that brings a new standard in face swapping. This tool offers hyperrealistic results in real time and is easy to use. You have to connect your camera and click a button; its AI takes care of the rest. 

Swapface provides privacy as all processes and data run on the user’s machine. This tool is also cost-effective. It requires a mid-range graphics card and saves time and computational resources. 

Swapface’s AI excels at creating natural and hyperrealistic facial transformations. This makes it the best choice for those seeking high-quality face swap results.

Key Features

  • Face Swap:

    It provides hyperrealistic and real-time face swapping.

  • Data Security:

    All data on your machine stays private.

  • Cost-Effective:

    It requires only a mid-range graphics card.


  • It provides quick face swapping with real-time AI.
  • It is easy to use and has a simple setup.
  • This tool needs minimal hardware resources.


  • It is limited to face swapping and real-time beauty filters.
  • It may not offer advanced editing options.


This tool is free, and the pricing plan starts at $19.

8. Swapstream

Swapstream Feature Image

SwapStream transforms face swapping by helping live streams via a web browser. It is a dynamic tool that allows users to swap faces in real-time. 

This tool improves the fun and creativity of live content. SwapStream increases your reach and attracts a broader audience. It can multistream to various channels and add custom RTMP channels. It also supports multiple live platforms and offers cloud-based technology. 

SwapStream is incredibly convenient as it removes the need for downloads. This tool is a user-friendly choice for those looking to engage their audience with entertaining live content.

Key Features

  • Face Swap:

    It creates live face swap streams through a web browser.

  • Multistreaming:

    Users can stream to multiple channels.

  • Custom RTMP Support:

    You can add custom channels to grow your reach.

  • Versatile Live Platforms:

    Compatible with various live platforms.

  • Cloud-Based:

    It is easy to start live streams without any downloads.


  • It gives entertaining live content with live face-swapping.
  • You can broaden your audience with multistreaming.
  • It is a user-friendly tool with an easy three-step process.


  • The quality of the face swap may vary based on the source video and settings.
  • It is limited to face-swapping and live-streaming features.
  • It may not offer advanced editing options.


The pricing plan for this tool is not specified.

9. Picsart

Picsart Feature Image 2

Picsart’s AI Replace tool makes photo editing easier with accurate and intuitive face swap abilities. Users just have to select the object to replace and describe the replacement. 

There’s no need for detailed tracing. AI Replace lets you create customized objects with surgical accuracy. You can download your work in PNG, JPG, or PDF format. 

Picsart’s AI suite offers endless creative possibilities for art enthusiasts and businesses. The tool also offers AI Image Generator and AI Avatar.

Key Features

  • Customization:

    Use built-in photo editing tools to customize the final look of your photo after object replacement.

  • Face Swap:

    Use “inpainting” to replace any object with a new AI-generated one.

  • Versatile Download Options:

    Export your edited image in PNG, JPG, or PDF format.

  • Business Promotion:

    Create custom designs for marketing materials, enhancing your business’s visual identity.


  • Simple and intuitive interface for users of all skill levels.
  • Apply AI replace for social media posts and business promotions.
  • Achieve detailed and precise object replacement without manual effort.
  • Access the power of AI technology for free.


  • While user-friendly, mastering advanced customization may take time.
  • The quality of replacements may vary based on the complexity of the image.


This AI tool is free to use.

10. DeepAR

DeepAR Feature Image

DeepAR’s Face Swap effect allows you to swap faces in real time. It results in unpredictable and amusing creations. It is part of a wide suite of tools offered by DeepAR. 

The tool has an SDK and features like AR face filters, beauty filters, hair coloring, emotion detection, and body tracking. DeepAR offers a Creator Studio and Developer Portal that lets users create personalized AR assets. 

They also have an Asset Store with ready-made face filters for quick integration. This tool enhances video chats, engages AR advertising, and try-ons for glasses, shoes, and wristbands. It’s an excellent solution for interactive and fun face-swapping experiences.

Key Features

  • Face Swap:

    Swap faces with others in real time.

  • Complete SDK:

    Developers can use a Software Development Kit to add advanced application features.

  • AR Face Filters:

    A diverse range of augmented reality face filters for creative customization.

  • Beauty & Makeup Filters:

    Improve facial features with beauty and makeup filters for a polished look.

  • Hair Coloring:

    Experiment with virtual hair colors in real time for a dynamic and playful experience.

  • Background Replacement:

    Change backgrounds during face swaps or other AR interactions.

  • Emotion Detection:

    Detect and respond to facial expressions and emotions in real time.

  • Body Tracking:

    Track and integrate body movements for a more immersive experience.


  • It enhances video chats, advertising, and try-on experiences with engaging AR effects.
  • Asset Store provides a collection of pre-built face filters for quick implementation.
  • Complete SDK and Developer Portal cater to developers.


  • Advanced features may have a learning curve for users unfamiliar with AR development.
  • Intensive AR features may need powerful hardware for optimal performance.


This tool is free, and the pricing plan starts at $25.

11. Webit

Webit Feature Image

Webit offers a simple-to-use FaceSwap web app that allows easy face transfers between two images online for free. You only need to create an account and can start face-swapping without paying or using a credit card. 

Webit’s AI-powered tool also allows for video face swaps. Users can select specific faces from a library to personalize their swapping experiences. 

Webit is easy to use and can be accessed easily. It makes face-swapping simple and fun. You can use it to create entertaining and funny content or try out creative visual experiments.

Key Features

  • Face Swap:

    Extends face-swapping abilities to video content for more dynamic transformations.

  • Faces Library:

    Allows users to select specific target faces for more precise swaps.


  • The tool provides a face-swapping service at no cost.
  • Its user-friendly, intuitive interface caters to users of all skill levels.


  • Some users prefer tools without the need for account creation.


This AI tool is free to use.

12. Fotor

Fotor Feature Image 2

Fotor’s online AI face swapper is user-friendly for effortless and realistic face swaps. The users have to upload images and click “Swap Face Now” to create captivating face swaps. 

Fotor has many features and templates that can be used for different purposes. It can be used to create humorous memes or try out celebrity looks. 

The tool can also swap genders easily. Fotor has an easy-to-use AI face swap tool. It can improve users’ personal amusement or enhance their social media content.

Key Features

  1. Neural text-to-speech: Uses neural text-to-speech technology to generate natural-sounding audio from text.
  2. Multiple languages and voices: Offers various languages and voices to choose from, including male, female, and child voices.
  3. Custom voice models: Allows you to train your custom voice models using your audio recordings.


  • Access a wide range of face-swapping features without any cost.
  • Suitable for creating memes, movie-like changes, and gender swaps.
  • Enhance social media content with engaging and entertaining face swaps.


  • Users may have privacy concerns when using online face-swapping tools.


This AI tool is free to use.


ChangeFace Feature Image 2 is a user-friendly AI Face Swap tool that is fast and easy to use. It excels at swapping faces with iconic images. 

This tool allows users to upload pictures and get face-swapped images of famous characters. It’s a hassle-free and entertaining solution for easy, quick face swaps with icons.

Key Features

  • Face Swap:

    It specializes in swapping faces with iconic images for entertaining results.

  • Automated Generation:

    It creates face-swapped pictures with the uploaded photo automatically.


  • A simple process for quick and easy face swaps without complexity.


  • It is only designed for swapping faces with well-known characters.


This tool is free, and the pricing plan starts at $7.99.

14. Deepfakes Web

DeepfakesWeb Feature Image 2

Deepfakes Web allows you to swap faces in videos easily. Users can upload their source and target videos, let AI do the work, and download the new Deepfake. 

The tool is powered by cloud technology and ensures accessibility and privacy. The tool allows users to improve face-swapping quality over time by reusing their trained model. 

It adds watermarks and intended imperfections to provide a clear marker of deepfake content. Deepfakes Web uses advanced technology for entertainment, gaming, satire, and cultural expression.

Key Features

  • Cloud Based:

    Operates in the cloud, allowing users to upload videos and generate deepfakes quickly.

  • Model Reusability:

    Users can reuse their trained models to improve face-swapping quality.

  • Visible Watermarks:

    Every deepfake generated includes a clear and visible watermark, indicating that the video is a deepfake.

  • Imperfect by Design:

    Intentional imperfections in deepfakes make them easily identifiable as fake.

  • Accessibility:

    It enables anyone to create high-quality deepfakes at a low cost.


  • It has a simple and intuitive process for creating deepfakes.
  • Strict privacy measures ensure that user data and content remain private.
  • The ability to reuse trained models improves the tool’s efficiency.
  • It offers a cost-effective solution for creating high-quality deepfakes.


  • Visible watermarks can limit specific uses where an unmarked result is wanted.
  • The intentional imperfections are ethical, but they may affect the realism of the deepfake in some cases.


The pricing plan starts at $4 per hour.

15. Deepfaceswap AI

Deepfaceswap AI Feature Image

Deepfaceswap is an AI-powered tool to swap faces for real-time images and videos. It replaces one person’s face with another, creating realistic and amusing results. 

The tool provides effective results while maintaining expressions, lighting, and context. Deepfaceswap has various uses, including AI recruiting solutions. 

It studies facial expressions in video interviews to give insights into candidates’ personalities. The tool also provides customizable avatars, conversational AI, and movie role-play.

Key Features

  • Face Swap:

    Live, real-time face-swapping for both images and videos.

  • AI Recruiting Solutions:

    Studies facial expressions, tone of voice, and word choice in video interviews to provide insights into candidates.

  • Avatar Generation:

    AI Avatar Generators allow users to create personalized avatars.

  • Conversational AI:

    Avatars are integrated into conversational AI systems for more personalized and human-like interactions.

  • Movie Role-Play:

    Creative application for swapping faces in movie scenes, allowing users to step into the shoes of their favorite characters.

  • Voice Clone:

    Features AI technology for cloning human voices.


  • Offers a wide range of features, from real-time face-swapping to AI avatar generation and voice cloning.
  • Focuses on user privacy by keeping learning data, videos, and images private.
  • Allows users to personalize avatars to specific business strategies.
  • Goes beyond entertainment with applications in AI recruiting and virtual try-ons for shoes.


  • Deepface technology, if misused, may have ethical implications.


The pricing plan starts at $5000 per month.

Where Can the AI Face Swap Tools be Used?

AI Face Swap Tools find uses in different fields. These tools offer both creative and practical uses. They are popular in many contexts due to their ease of use and practicality. 

  • Entertainment 

AI Face Swap Tools are used a lot in the entertainment industry. These tools create stunning special effects, change actors’ appearances, and make engaging content. 

  • Social Media 

AI Face Swap Tools are used in Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Social media users can create humorous and attention-grabbing videos. 

  • Personal Expression 

Individuals use AI Face Swap Tools for fun and artistic expression. 

  • Marketing and Advertising 

Businesses use these tools to create engaging marketing campaigns. They include well-known faces or unique changes to charm their audience’s attention. 

  • Training and Education 

In the field of education, these tools create interactive learning materials. They mimic historical figures or create lifelike training scenarios.

Where Can the AI Face Swap Tools be Used?

Selecting a Face Swap Tool needs a careful review of key concerns to ensure a responsible and satisfying experience with this technology. Here are the key factors to consider: 


  • Privacy and Consent: The foremost concern is protecting privacy. Confirm that the tool respects data privacy and secures consent for images or videos. 
  • Accuracy and Realism: Choose a tool that excels in creating authentic and high-quality face swaps. Inaccurate or poorly executed swaps can mislead viewers. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Seek a tool with an intuitive interface that simplifies the swapping process. User-friendliness allows individuals to use the tool effectively. 
  • Compatibility: Confirm that the tool aligns with your device or operating system. This will prevent technical compatibility issues that could delay usage. 
  • Legal Compliance: Familiarize yourself with the legal regulations governing face swapping in your region. 
  • Cost and Licensing: Assess the tool’s availability of free trials, pricing structure, and licensing terms. Beware of hidden costs or recurring subscription fees. Make sure that the tool aligns with your budget. 


By addressing these major concerns, users can select a Face Swap Tool that aligns with their ethical, technical, and budgetary preferences.


The beginning of AI Face Swap Tools has shown an era of creative change and entertainment. These tools have made it easy to exchange one person’s face for another in photos and videos. 

They offer face-swapping and gender and age transformation. Yet, alongside the vast potential for creativity, ethical concerns must be kept. Respecting privacy, securing consent, and using these tools responsibly are essential. 

Users should approach these tools with knowledge and responsibility. As technology advances, AI Face Swap Tools will keep presenting more innovative uses, constantly pushing the limits of innovation.


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