Top 10 Best AI Music Generators in 2024 [Free & Paid]
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Best AI Music Generators in 2024

November 7, 2023

Table of Contents

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized how music is created with innovative tools powered by sophisticated algorithms. Such tools can now compose melodies and harmonies that intrigue human emotions. This blog will explore the best AI music generators for enhancing your music-making process. 

These platforms, from classical elegance to hip-hop beats, reshape music creation. They offer a wellspring of inspiration to musicians, producers, and music enthusiasts alike. 

But how do these generators work? First, let’s understand what AI music generators are and how they work. 

What are AI Music Generators?

AI music generators are algorithms that use unique technology to create music without negligible human intervention. These tools are trained on various music, tones, styles, and datasets. Upon entering a simple prompt, they can make tunes, from classical to modern. This changes how musicians and producers work, giving them new ideas and ways to make music. It’s like having a creative partner who is always inspiring!


Who can benefit from AI Music?

Music composed by AI can be helpful for individuals from various domains. They are: 

  • Musicians and Composers: AI music generator can be great for musicians and composers experiencing a creative block. You can get inspiration and explore different musical styles. 
  • Content Creators: Podcasters, YouTubers, designers, and other content creators can take advantage of AI Music. They can incorporate the copyright-free generated music into the content effortlessly. 
  • Advertising Agencies and Marketers: The AI music generators can be helpful for creating audio content for Ads and marketing campaigns. 
  • Developers: Game and website developers often need audio content for their creation. AI music generators can create music/audio content quickly and cost-effectively. 
  • Music Enthusiasts: AI is now revolutionizing every artistic field. It is better to work with AI and make it function for you rather than discarding it. So, anyone who loves music can use an AI music generator to create new ideas and experiment with melodies and AI creativity. 

10 Best AI Music Generators in 2023

1. Soundraw

Murf Feature Image

Soundraw is a robust AI-driven music generator designed for creators and artists. You can generate unlimited music by choosing the mood, genre, and length. The platform also allows you to customize songs in just a few clicks. You can make the intro shorter, change the position of the chorus, and more. This will enable you to create music that best fits your content’s intent and context. It offers a wide selection of genres, from hip hop, trap, R&B, drill, Latin, and more. 

It splits itself into Soundraw for Creators and Artists, respectively. Creators can create copyright-free background music for their content. Artists can create music quickly and distribute it on Spotify, Apple Music, etc., without copyright strikes.

Key Features

  1. Music Generation: Generate music by selecting the desired mood, genre, style, and more.
  2. Diverse Genres: Range of genres including hip hop, trap, R&B, drill, Latin, and more.
  3. Customization Options: Modify songs by adjusting elements like intro length and chorus position.
  4. Copyright-Free Music: Creators can generate background music without copyright issues for creators and artists
  5. Music Distribution: Artists can distribute their creations on significant platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.


  • Provides customization options for tailoring music to specific needs.
  • Offers a diverse range of genres, catering to various musical preferences.
  • Allows creators to access copyright-free music for their content.
  • Enables artists to distribute their work on popular music platforms.


  • Users who require advanced features may need to pay for a subscription plan.
  • Some artists may prefer complete creative control over composing music.
  • Requires an internet connection for accessing the platform and its features.


Soundraw offers three pricing models, both monthly and annual.

  • Free: The free plan includes the basic features at hidden no cost. 
  • Creator Plan: This plan includes advanced features for creators billed at $ 19.99/month and annually at $16.99/month. 
  • Artist Plan: The artist plan includes advanced features for artists billed $29.99/month and $39.99/month. 
Lovo Feature Image

AIVA is an AI music-generation assistant designed to create music in different styles. It allows you to generate music easily in more than 250 distinct styles. You can create your own style models effortlessly. It also allows you to edit your generated tracks, like adjusting the tempo. You can download the audio file in MP3 & MIDI format. You can subscribe to the tool’s Pro Plan to own and monetize your compositions’ full copyright forever.

Key Features

  1. Style Variety: Offers a vast selection of over 250 distinct musical styles.
  2. Custom Style Creation: Provide the ability to create their own unique style models effortlessly.
  3. Track Editing: Allows users to edit generated tracks, including adjustments to elements like tempo.
  4. Multiple Download Formats: Supports the download of audio files in both MP3 and MIDI formats.


  • Offers a diverse range of musical styles catering to various preferences and genres.
  • Easy customization and editing options provide flexibility in music creation.
  • Allows users to download compositions in different audio formats for versatile use.
  • The pro plan offers full copyright ownership, allowing for monetization without restrictions


  • The free plan limits usage to non-commercial purposes and requires crediting AIVA.
  • Pro plan comes at a higher cost, which may not be suitable for all users’ budgets.


AIVA offers three pricing models:

  • Free Forever: For beginners who want to use compositions for non-commercial use cases only and don’t mind giving credit to AIVA.
  • Standard Annually: Recommended for content creators who want to monetize compositions only on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram. This plan is billed at €15/month + VAT and €11/month + VAT Annually. 
  • Pro Annually: Recommended for creators who want to own the copyright of their compositions and monetize without restrictions. This plan is billed at €49 / month + VAT and €33 / month + VAT annually. 
ElevenLabs Feature Image

Beatoven is an AI-powered music generator tailored for content creators like podcasters and YouTubers. Whether starting with a video/podcast or a track, the process is seamless. With a selection of 8 diverse genres, you can easily find the perfect fit for your theme.

You can add different moods at specific timestamps, choosing from a selection of 16 to complement your content. Additionally, Beatoven offers a library of sample music exclusively created by the platform. What sets Beatoven apart is its original and royalty-free music, allowing you to use it across your various media projects without any limitations.

Key Features

  1. Diverse Genre: Offers a diverse Genre Selection, offering a choice of 8 different genres
  2. Mood Customization: Allows adding various moods at specific timestamps in your music track with 16 different mood options. 
  3. Sample Music Library: Provides a selection of sample music for easy integration into content.
  4. Original and Royalty-Free: All music generated by Beatoven is entirely original and royalty-free.


  • Diverse genre options cater to a wide range of content themes and styles.
  • Mood customization adds a personalized touch to the music, enhancing content quality.
  • It provides a library of sample music and convenient access to ready-made tracks.
  • Original and royalty-free music allows for unrestricted use across various media projects.


  • Pricing based on track length may not be cost-effective for creators with specific needs.


Beatoven offers a freemium plan with paid plans starting at $16.66/month.

Speechify Feature Image

Soundful is an AI-driven music generator that allows creators to generate studio-like music in minutes. You can create royalty-free music by choosing the genre you want and the perfect template. It provides a variety of templates for different moods and themes that are fully customizable. 

Upon creating your track, you can save it on the platform or download it in MP3 or WAV format. It also allows STEM download for loops and tracks. It includes the mixed and mastered versions’ individual STEMs, MIDI, and WAV.

Key Features

  1. Music Generation: Enables creators to generate high-quality, studio-like music within minutes.
  2. Royalty-Free Music: Users can create royalty-free music without copyright strikes or concerns
  3. Customizable Templates: Offers a wide array of customizable templates that suit various moods and themes.
  4. Multiple Download Formats: This gives the option to download tracks in popular formats like MP3 or WAV.
  5. STEM Download: Offers the option to download individual STEMs (separated audio tracks) in addition to the mixed and mastered versions.


  • Fast and efficient music creation process, ideal for content creators and businesses.
  • Royalty-free music ensures unrestricted usage without copyright concerns.
  • STEM download option allows for advanced customization and editing of tracks.


  • Limited monthly downloads on the standard plan may be restrictive for some users.
  • The pricing model may not cater to all user types, which might limit accessibility.


Soundful offers three pricing models: 

  • Standard: This includes basic features and is suitable for personal use. It contains 3 monthly downloads and access to 25+ free templates for Free, forever. 
  • Content Creator: This plan is for social media creators, freelancers, businesses, and agencies looking for royalty-free background music to use for profit. It costs $29.99/year. 
  • Music Creators Plus: For artists and producers wanting to create music to acquire full copyright. It costs $59.99/year.

5. Splash Pro

Synthesis Feature Image

Splash Pro is a music generator with Generative AI to produce high-quality music. To get started, add a text prompt briefing about the track you want to create. It also provides a wide selection of prompts, AI singers, and rappers for the music generation. The platform allows you to customize and download the lyrics video. Once the track is generated, you can download it in MP3 format. 

Key Features

  1. Music Generation: Produce high-quality music, offering users an innovative and efficient way to create original tracks.
  2. Text-To-Music: Text Prompt-Based Creation streamlining the music creation experience.
  3. AI Singers and Rappers: Offers a wide array of prompts, along with various AI singers and rappers. 
  4. Customizable Lyrics Video: Customize and download a lyrics video for the generated track
  5. MP3 Download: Enables users to download the track in MP3 format 


  • Utilizes advanced Generative AI for efficient and innovative music creation.
  • Text-based prompts simplify the process, making it accessible for users of all levels.
  • Offers a diverse range of AI singers and rappers to suit different musical projects.
  • MP3 download ensures compatibility and ease of use for various applications.


  • The higher-tier plans may be more suitable for professional or commercial use. 
  • Users who prefer a more hands-on process to create music may find the text-based prompt system less intuitive.


Splash Pro offers four pricing models: 

  • Free: This is suitable for beginners, providing basic features for their music creation journey. 
  • Starter: This includes advanced features and is suitable for creators who want to monetize their content. This plan is billed at $10/month. 
  • Max: For teams, developers, and growing companies who need more music, billed at $49/month.
  • Enterprise: For companies and developers who need a custom plan tailored to their needs. To get details for this plan, contact for pricing. 
Boomy Feature Image

Boomy is an AI-based platform for creating music and publishing it on popular streaming apps. You can create original music and submit it to popular music streaming platforms to generate potential revenue. 

It allows you to create, edit, reject, or save generated songs effortlessly. This tool provides a community for artists and creators wanting to enter the music industry. The platform allows you to download the track in MP3 & WAV formats. You must get the license included in its Pro Plan to use the songs for commercial use.

Key Features

  1. Music Creation and Distribution: Create original music and release it on well-known streaming platforms.
  2. Personalization: Easily create, edit, reject, or save generated songs.
  3. Multiple Download Formats: Allows users to download their tracks in both MP3 and WAV formats
  4. Commercial Licensing: Offers a Pro Plan that includes licensing for commercial use.


  • Offers a range of features for managing and customizing generated songs.
  • Artists can monetize their creations by releasing them on well-known streaming platforms.
  • Offers different pricing tiers, accommodating users with various needs and budgets.


  • Free plan limitations may restrict access to advanced features and commercial use.
  • As with any AI-generated content, there may be limitations in achieving highly personalized or intricate musical compositions.


Boomy offers three pricing models: 

  • Free: The free models cost nothing and provide basic features. 
  • Creator: This plan offers advanced features, such as the ability to use music for non-commercial purposes, billed at $9.99/month. 
  • Pro: The pro plan includes more advanced features like commercial use of the music billed at $29.99/mo.

7. Voicemod Text-to-Song

WellSaid Feature Image

Voicemod’s Text-to-Song is a user-friendly AI platform that effortlessly transforms written text into songs. It employs natural language processing to craft original melodies based on your content. You can choose from various music styles: pop, rap, trap, and classic. The platform offers a selection of seven distinct AI singers and instruments, allowing for further customization. You can adjust tempo, key, and dynamics to accommodate your preferences. You can easily share your creations, making it accessible for everyone to create compelling audio compositions.

Key Features

  1. Text-to-Song: Effortlessly converts written text into original songs using advanced AI technology.
  2. Diverse Genres: Offers a variety of music genres, including pop, rap, trap, and classic.
  3. AI Singers and Instruments: Provides a selection of AI singers and instruments for a personalized musical touch.
  4. Customization Options: Users can adjust tempo, key, and dynamics to suit individual preferences.


  • Effortlessly converts written text into original songs with advanced AI technology.
  • Offers a diverse range of music genres, catering to various creative preferences.
  • Provides a selection of AI singers and instruments for a personalized musical touch.
  • Allows users to adjust tempo, key, and dynamics, providing creative control.


  • It may have limitations for professional music production or commercial use.
  • The capabilities and limitations of AI technology may influence output.
  • The level of customization may differ from that of professional music production software.


Voicemod Text-to-Song is an entirely free-to-use application both for desktop and mobile.

8. Mubert

Resemble AI Feature Image

Mubert is an AI-powered platform that generates intriguing tracks effortlessly. You can begin by entering a text prompt, choosing genre and mood, and setting the duration. It also provides a selection of royalty-free music for content creators. It offers an extension that seamlessly integrates with After Effects and Premiere. 

With Mubert Studio, you can create music and profit from it by publishing it on streaming platforms. It is a versatile tool, valuable to both music enthusiasts and content creators seeking to elevate their projects.

Key Features

  1. Music Generation: Create captivating music by simply inputting a text prompt.
  2. Genre and Mood Selection: Allows users to select genre and mood.
  3. Customizable Duration: Set the desired duration of the generated track to suit your specific needs.
  4. Integration with Video Editing Software: Provides an extension that seamlessly integrates with popular video editing software like After Effects and Premiere.
  5. Mubert Studio for Music Distribution: Offers the potential for users to earn profit from their compositions using Mubert Studio. 


  • User-friendly interface for easy music creation.
  • It is a versatile tool beneficial for both music enthusiasts and content creators.
  • Seamless integration with popular video editing software.
  • Offers a range of pricing models to suit different user needs.


  • The free version has limited track generation per month.
  • The highest tier may be expensive for some users.


Mubert offers four pricing models:

  • Ambassador: This model is free to use, offering basic features like 25 tracks generation per month.  
  • Creator: For social and NFTs and generating up to 500 tracks/month billed at $14/month and $11.69/month billed annually. 
  • Pro: For commercial use and generating up to 500 tracks/month, costing $39/month, billed monthly, and $32.49/month billed annually. 
  • Business: Generate up to 1000 tracks/month for agencies and apps. It costs $199/month billed monthly and $149.29/month billed annually.

9. Loudly

Play HT Feature Image

Loudly is an AI-based platform that lets you create, customize, and discover music. You can quickly generate tracks by selecting genre, style, mood, and more to make your music unique. It allows you to save the tracks in the library and download them. It also offers text-to-song and video-to-song recommendations. You need to add a prompt or upload a video; it will provide you with relevant tracks. The tool offers royalty-free and customizable songs, stems, and sound. This user-friendly platform is great for content creators, multimedia artists, and more. 

Key Features

  1. Music Generation: Generate tracks with options to personalize them according to their preferences.
  2. Diverse Genre: Offers a wide range of genres, allowing users to create music unique to their style and vision.
  3. Text-to-Music and Video-to-Music Recommendations: Provides the ability to generate music based on text prompts or uploaded videos.
  4. Royalty-Free Music: Offers a library of royalty-free music, stems, and sound elements 


  • User-friendly platform for effortless music creation.
  • Offers a wide range of genres and customization options.
  • Provides text-to-music and video-to-music features for convenience.
  • Extensive library of royalty-free music and elements.


  • Paid plans may be relatively expensive for some users.
  • Free plans may have limitations in terms of features and access to content.


Loudly offers four pricing models: 

  • Free: This includes basic features at no hidden costs. 
  • Personal: This plan is suitable for personal use, offering additional features billed at $19.99/month.
  • Pro: The pro offers advanced features at $39.99/month.
  • Enterprise: This offers premium custom features. To get details, contact for pricing. 

10. BeatBot

Sonantic Feature Image

BeatBot is an AI-based song maker powered by Splash Pro. It generates original short songs based on text prompts. This tool uses Splash Pro’s proprietary AI for vocals and music and GPT-3 for lyrics generation. To get started, you simply need to enter a text prompt describing the song you want to create. You can copy the link to the generated song and download the video or audio effortlessly. 

Key Features

  1. Text-based Prompt: Generate songs by providing a text prompt that describes the desired song. 
  2. Original Short-length Songs: Generates unique, short-length songs that are original and suitable for various creative projects.


  • Easy and convenient song creation process.
  • Generates original and unique songs based on provided prompts.


  • Limited to short-length song generation.
  • It may not offer extensive customization options for music composition.


BeatBot is a free-to-use platform.

Which is the Best AI Music Generator Online in 2023?

The best AI music Video generator tool depends on your specific purpose and conditions. Here are some recommendations based on different objectives and intent. 

  • For Content Creators (Podcasters, YouTubers):

Beatoven: Tailored for content creators, offering diverse genres and mood customization. Provides original and royalty-free music for content.

  • For Musicians and Composers:

AIVA: Offers a vast selection of over 250 distinct musical styles. Lets users create their unique style models effortlessly.

  • For Customizable Studio-Like Music:

Soundful: Enables creators to generate high-quality, studio-like music within minutes. It has a wide array of customizable templates for different moods and themes. 

  •  For Seamless Integration with Video Editing:

Mubert: Integrates seamlessly with popular video editing software like After Effects and Premiere. Ideal for creating music for video projects.

  •  For Generating Short Original Songs:

BeatBot: Powered by Splash Pro, it generates original short songs based on text prompts. It’s Great for creating unique and short-length songs.

  • For General Music Creation:

Soundraw: Allows users to generate music by selecting mood, genre, and style. Also, it offers a wide range of genres and provides customization options.

  • For Commercial Use and Licensing:

Boomy: Users can create and release original music on popular streaming platforms. It Offers licensing options for commercial use.

  • For Monetizing Compositions:

Mubert Pro Plan: Allows creators to own the copyright of their compositions and monetize without limitations.

  • For Personal Use and Non-Commercial Purposes:

AIVA Free Forever: Ideal for beginners who want to use compositions for non-commercial use cases only.

The recommendations mentioned above are among the best tools, offering distinct features. However, remember to review each tool’s specific features and pricing to determine which one aligns best with your intended purpose and budget.


AI music generators have opened up exciting possibilities in music creation. Whether you’re a musician, content creator, developer, or music enthusiast, these tools offer fresh inspiration and creativity. 

Every tool mentioned has something to offer if you want to create music as a hobbyist or a professional. You can seamlessly explore the platforms and witness the potential of AI-driven music generation in your projects.


Can I monetize the music created with AI music generators?

Multiple platforms offer options for monetization. You can check the specific terms and licensing prospects of each platform.

Are the generated songs copyright-free?

Some platforms offer copyright-free options, while others may require licensing for commercial use. Always review the terms and conditions.

Can I customize the generated music?

Yes, most AI music generators offer customization options, allowing you to tailor the music to your needs.


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