Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Coding Support:
    It offers resources for coding help, supporting more than 10 programming languages.
  • Text Summarization:
    Users can extract key points from lengthy texts, making it easier to grasp essential information quickly. 
  • AI Assistance:
    Offers support for various writing tasks to match your style. 
  • Academic Sources:
    The tool helps users find and incorporate 100% academic sources, ensuring the credibility of their research.
  • Content Enhancement:
    Caktus AI can rewrite and improve existing content to make it more engaging, creative, and interesting.


Caktus AI is a versatile tool designed to support students’ academic work. It offers diverse features for improving writing skills, assisting with math and science problems, and helping with coding tasks. This tool can be a helpful resource for students looking to enhance their writing. It helps with tasks such as essay composition, citation generation, and academic source identification. Additionally, it allows users to personalize their writing style and format their documents according to academic standards. Caktus AI provides step-by-step solutions in simple language for students struggling with math and science, making complex concepts more accessible. This tool supports various programming languages and offers explanatory content to aid your understanding. Using Caktus AI is straightforward. Users can log in or create an account, choose the desired tool, specify their requirements, and generate output to assist them in their studies.


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