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April 8, 2024


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What is Coursable?

Coursable is a personal AI study guide that offers users a dynamic platform. It eases learning and improves understanding of study materials. It caters to both individual projects and comprehensive courses. This tool uses AI to provide personalized help and generate valuable study resources.

Users can upload PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint files in the Projects module. This allows them to work on up to five documents. Users can seek insights, request document analyses, and explore various aspects of their files. It engages in natural language conversations with AI. The tool helps the automatic generation of complete document summaries, flashcards, and quizzes. It provides a powerful tool for efficient and personalized study sessions.

The Courses module is designed as a starting point for learning new subjects. Users can inform the platform about the subject they wish to study. It initiates a process where AI adapts to the user’s preferences. This allows users to request changes to the course structure. It ensures that the tool aligns with their specific learning goals. It evaluates and curates reputable online study materials. This presents users with a complete course to start their learning journey.

The tool offers independent learning and research. It encourages users to use its personalized AI guidance as a supplementary booster to formal education.

Coursable offers users an innovative educational experience by integrating AI. It combines AI efficiency with personalized learning. It helps users gain insights from their documents. It also provides structured learning paths.

Key Features:

  • Course generation:

    Generate custom study guides based on your goals, learning pace, and preferred learning style.

  • Text Summarization:

    Generate personalized summaries of selected sections or specific topics.

  • Course Recommendation:

    Suggest relevant online courses aligned with your interests and educational needs.

  • Study Material Collection:

    Gather high-quality learning resources from the web, including videos, articles, and interactive tasks.

  • Adaptive Learning:

    Adjust the course content and difficulty level based on your progress and performance.

  • Progress Tracking:

    Track your learning journey and identify areas for improvement.

  • Flashcards Maker:

    Use AI-generated flashcards and quizzes to reinforce learning and retention.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $20/mo
Premium $15/mo

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