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April 13, 2024

Elsa Speak

Freemium, Paid
Your AI language coach for mastering English pronunciation, one engaging conversation at a time.

What is Elsa Speak?

Elsa Speak is an advanced language learning platform. It is a personal AI-powered English-speaking coach. This tool helps users to improve their English pronunciation and fluency. It offers a range of features designed to provide valuable feedback and support to learners.

Users begin their language learning journey by taking a short assessment test. This allows the platform to determine their skill level. A detailed report is then generated, highlighting individual strengths and weaknesses. This thoughtful approach ensures a personalized learning experience for each user.

It is a complete solution for improving English language skills through short, engaging dialogues. The platform uses proprietary AI technology to offer instant feedback on pronunciation. This ensures learners get detailed insights into their speech patterns. This feedback is important to help users identify and correct pronunciation errors.

The tool’s uses extend to businesses and educational institutions. It offers ELSA for Business, a solution for improving organizational English proficiency. ELSA for Schools provides educators with a powerful tool for improving classroom language learning. The ELSA API allows businesses to use its speech recognition technology for specific needs.

Key Features:

  • Pronunciation Analysis

    It uses speech recognition technology to pinpoint pronunciation errors in real-time.

  • Personalized Feedback

    Provides detailed feedback on specific mistakes and offers guided practice to help you improve.

  • Lesson Plan Generation

    Creates personalized learning plans based on your skill level and goals.

  • Regular Assessments

    It tracks your progress and adjusts lessons to keep you challenged and engaged.

  • Voice-Enabled Role-Play

    The tool engages you in spontaneous conversations on various topics to practice speaking.

  • Customizable Scenarios

    It allows you to create your scenarios for personalized practice.

  • Progress Tracking

    Monitors your progress and provides insights into your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Gamified Learning

    It contains game-like elements to make learning more motivating and engaging.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $11.83/mo $141.99/year
Premium $14.17/mo $169.99/year

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