Instaverse | AI-Powered 3D Scene Creation for Decentraland
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May 4, 2024


Craft immersive 3D worlds with AI-generated textures and seamless integration with Decentraland.

What is Instaverse?

Instaverse is a user-friendly AI tool designed for the effortless creation of stunning 3D scenes in the metaverse. It ensures that users of any expertise level can craft immersive environments without coding. This tool makes creating captivating 3D scenes intuitive and accessible to everyone.

The platform uses artificial intelligence technology to generate textures. This gives users a personalized look and feel for their scenes, setting them apart from others in the metaverse. Users can enhance their virtual environments by using AI-generated textures. These textures add depth, realism, and uniqueness to the visual experience.

Instaverse offers easy integration with Decentraland, a blockchain-based virtual world. Users can publish their 3D scenes to Decentraland and share them with the community with a few clicks. The deployment process is simple and helps showcase creations to a wider audience. This fosters engagement and collaboration within the virtual community.

Instaverse has a simple workflow and powerful AI-driven abilities. Users can use it for personal projects, artistic endeavors, or professional ventures. This tool helps users unleash their creativity and bring their virtual visions to life.

Key Features

  • 3D Scene Generation:

    It ensures that users can create immersive environments without coding skills.

  • Texture Generation:

    The tool uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to generate textures.

  • Integration:

    Users can publish their 3D scenes to Decentraland, a blockchain-based virtual world, with a few clicks.

  • Deployment:

    Deploying creations on Decentraland is made easy and straightforward process.

Pricing table

Plans Cost
Enterprise $60

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