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April 26, 2024


Free + Paid Plans
Transform Ideas into Visual Masterpieces in just a click with Kittl AI

What is Kittl?

Kittl is an AI platform that delivers design tools to simplify the process seamlessly. This platform provides a range of AI tools that simplify your creative process.

With just a prompt, you can easily create clipart and images. It also has a background generator and removal feature, which can be used to upscale images. You can convert your images into vectors, create vector graphics & logos, improve product images, and create merchandise.

The tool provides text editing and image recoloring for a seamless design process. Furthermore, Kittl AI has an AI art feed where you can browse AI-generated art and incorporate it into your projects.

This tool benefits designers, marketers, business owners, and anyone working in the creative industry. It can help you produce professional-looking designs with just a click.

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-Drop

    Access and customize thousands of high-quality illustrations, frames, icons, and shapes.

  • Photo Catalogue

    Choose from millions of free-to-use photos for your projects.

  • Text Transformation

    Apply various effects and styles to your text with ease.

  • Texture Library

    Add unique textures to your designs for a more tactile feel.

  • Text Layouts

    Explore pre-designed text layouts to organize your content instantly.

  • Mockup Generator

    Place your designs into realistic mockups for presentations.

  • Image Generation

    Create stunning images from simple text descriptions.

  • Vector Generator

    Generate scalable vector graphics based on your prompts.

  • Background Removal

    Remove backgrounds from images automatically.

  • Clipart Generator

    Generate clipart illustrations with text prompts.

  • Quote Generator

    Find inspirational quotes for your designs.

  • Logo Generation

    Generate unique logos with just a few clicks.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $15/mo $10/mo
Premium $30/mo $24/mo
Enterprise Custom Custom

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