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April 10, 2024


Free + Paid Plans
Your online photo editor and design tool, with AI-powered features for easy editing and creative design.

What is Pixlr?

Pixlr offers free photo editing and design tools. It allows editing photos and creating stunning designs in the web browser, phone, or desktop. With this tool, you can start your creative projects from scratch, begin with a photo or video, or choose from a selection of crafted templates.

Pixlr X is a design tool perfect for those looking to start a design project. Pixlr E is for advanced photo editing. It provides the tools to enhance and transform your images with precision. Photomash is a one-click magic feature that removes backgrounds and generates images to showcase products or people.

You can create stunning profile pictures or batch process up to 50 photos. Pixlr offers more features like Remove Background to clear backgrounds, Batch Editor for efficient bulk photo editing, and Photomash Studio by Pixlr for instant background removal and visual asset creation.

This provides animation tools, including presets and timeline editing, for those looking to add motion to their designs. With various creative filters and effects, you can transform your photos into artistic products.

Key Features:

  • Image Generation

    Describe your desired image in intricate detail using keywords, prompts, and stylistic parameters.

  • Graphics Designing

    The tool assists users in creating visually appealing graphics efficiently.

  • Control the style

    Change your image’s artistic style to photorealistic, classic art styles, or watercolor paintings.

  • Image Editing

    Fine-tune details like lighting, composition, and camera angles for further customization.

  • Real-time

    Witness your image comes to life instantly as you refine your description and style choices.

  • Object Detailing

    Specify specific objects or elements you want to include in the image.

  • Composition Suggestions

    Get AI-powered composition suggestions to ensure your image is visually balanced and appealing.

  • Image Variations

    Generate different variations of your chosen image, adding subtle tweaks for further exploration.

  • Animation Generation

    Animate your designs effortlessly with professional-looking animation presets.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $1.99/mo ($0.99/mo if billed annually)
Premium $1.99/mo ($0.99/mo if billed annually) $7.99/mo ($4.90/mo if billed annually)
Team $7.99/mo ($4.90/mo if billed annually) $12.99/mo ($9.91/mo if billed annually)

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