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May 15, 2024


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Unleash boundless creativity with AI-powered 3D model generation made simple.

What is Sloyd?

Sloyd is a versatile AI tool designed to generate 3D models efficiently. It caters to the needs of game developers, designers, and 3D enthusiasts. Its 3D model library is updated to provide users with a wide range of options for their projects. It offers diverse assets suitable for architectural designs, including weapons, furniture, and props.

Users can customize 3D models using its intuitive tools, even without prior 3D modeling knowledge. The tool has AI text prompting, sliders, toggles, and a randomizer. Users can use these to adjust styles and variations easily. This helps customize projects to meet specific requirements and creative choices.

Sloyd ensures that the generated 3D models are optimized and ready to use. It features automatic UV unwrapping for texturing and automatic LODs to balance quality and performance needs. Models can also be exported with separate parts for easy texturing and animation.

Users have the flexibility to create endless variations of 3D models to suit their projects. Its generators have a wide range of styles and provide full creative freedom. The Level of Detail slider enhances versatility. Users can adjust the complexity of models as needed.

The platform also offers an SDK (Software Development Kit). It enables integration with various platforms and workflows. Its use cases span mobile game development, procedural games, virtual worlds, prototyping, and VR/AR/XR applications. This showcases its adaptability and utility in different contexts.

Sloyd empowers users to streamline their 3D modeling processes. It saves time and effort while providing access to high-quality, customizable assets for their projects.

Key Features

  • 3D Model Generation:

    Create accurate 3D models for architecture, weapons, and furniture.

  • Model Library:

    Explore an extensive library of 3D models suitable for game development, design projects, and 3D enthusiasts.

  • Customization:

    Customize 3D models using AI text prompting, sliders, toggles, and a quick randomizer.

  • Automatic UV-Unwrapping:

    Use automatic UV-unwrapping for texturing, simplifying the process of applying textures.

  • Level of Detail:

    Automatically generate LOD to balance quality and performance in different apps.

  • SDK Integration:

    Its SDK can integrate 3D models into mobile games, virtual worlds, and VR/AR/XR projects.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $20/mo
Enterprise Custom

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