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Apify is a cloud platform designed to assist developers in creating fast and dependable web scrapers and automating browser-based tasks. It follows a simple five-step process: developers develop with open-source tools, deploy their projects to Apify, take their code for a run, plug their Actors into workflows, and publish their Actors. Apify’s Actors are serverless cloud programs capable of crawling vast websites with millions of pages and executing various computing tasks, such as sending emails and data transformations. These Actors can be started manually, through the API, or scheduled, and they seamlessly integrate with other applications. With Apify, developers can streamline web scraping and automation, making tasks more efficient and scalable while reducing manual efforts.

Key Features: 

  1. Create fast and reliable web scrapers with Apify’s cloud platform.
  2. Develop using open-source tools for web scraping and browser automation.
  3. Easily deploy projects to Apify for automation.
  4. Utilize Apify’s serverless cloud Actors for efficient crawling and computing tasks.
  5. Seamlessly integrate Actors into any workflow for enhanced automation.
  6. Schedule and run Actors manually or through the API.
  7. Scale web scraping to handle large volumes of data effortlessly.

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