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June 10, 2024


Plan starts with 20EUR/mo
The user-friendly automation tool for technical professionals.
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What is n8n?

n8n is a powerful workflow automation tool tailored for technical professionals. It offers an easy solution for building complex automation up to 10 times faster without the hassle of dealing with many APIs. Users can bid farewell to navigating through a tangled web of scripts. This platform empowers them to simplify their workflows.

It provides flexibility to users and allows them to use either JavaScript or Python for tasks that need coding. The tool also offers a user-friendly interface for everything else. Developers can use their preferred programming languages. Less technical team members can collaborate on workflows using the intuitive UI.

Its comprehensive set of features aims at simplifying workflow automation. Users can put in place many triggers and branch and merge workflows. They can even pause flows to wait for external events, facilitating the creation of custom scenarios at lightning speed. It also has compatibility with over 350 native integrations. This enables seamless interfacing with any API or service through custom HTTP requests.

The platform’s architecture also supports independent instances for each environment. It allows users to avoid disrupting live workflows. It maintains separate development and production environments with unique sets of authentication data. This tool offers bulk operations. This enables users to process data at scale with built-in iteration functionality in every node.

This platform has painless debugging capabilities. Users can view the execution data of every workflow. It allows them to integrate error nodes to catch errors. Users can also rerun individual nodes for rapid testing and fixes. They can host n8n on their infrastructure for better security and compliance with data privacy laws.

n8n is a tool that helps businesses integrate their data across different tech stacks. It is scalable, customizable, and has extensive integrations. Technical professionals prefer it for workflow automation processes like lead automation, backend prototyping, CRM customization, and security operations.

Key Features

  • Visual Workflow Editor: Users can design workflows visually, making creating and changing automation processes easy.

  • Run JavaScript: It supports JavaScript, allowing users to write custom code to manipulate data or perform specific actions within their workflows.

  • npm Package Import: Users can import npm packages into their workflows.

  • Conditional Branching: Users can install conditional and branching within workflows to create custom logic and handle different scenarios.

  • Webhook Triggers: Incoming webhooks can trigger workflow, enabling integration with external systems and services.

  • Retry Failed Executions: It automatically retries failed executions, ensuring reliability and resilience in automation processes.

  • Multi-trigger Workflows: Workflows can have multiple triggers, allowing for complex automation scenarios.

  • Source Code Available: It provides transparency and allows users to audit, tweak, and customize the platform according to their needs.

  • Access Management: Users can manage team members’ access and permissions, controlling who can view, edit, or execute workflows.

  • Create Custom Nodes: Users can create custom nodes to extend its functionality and integrate with extra services or systems.

  • Export Workflows to JSON: Workflows can be exported to JSON format, allowing easy backup, sharing, and version control.

  • Custom Error Workflows: Users can define custom error-handling workflows to handle errors and exceptions.

  • Audit, Tweak, and Fork Codebase: Users can audit, tweak, and fork

Pricing table :

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $24/mo $20/mo
Premium $60/mo $50/mo
Enterprise Custom Custom

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