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April 16, 2024


Paid Plans

What is Flatlogic?

Flatlogic simplifies the creation of powerful, custom business software. It simplifies software development for business owners and decision-makers. The tool enables users to transform ideas into operational solutions efficiently. Users can create AI-driven business software in three simple steps.

The platform offers a unique blend of Low-Code and Custom Development approaches. This allows users to gain the advantages of both methodologies. Users can describe the software they need in just three steps. They select features that power their business and deploy their custom solution to the cloud.

The tool’s AI takes user input and begins crafting a tailored solution. This saves users at least 300 man-hours in software development time, which equates to approximately $15,000 in savings.

This platform allows users to customize their software according to their specific needs. Users have full ownership of their software and can extend and customize it with their team or with the help of Flatlogic’s experts.

The platform offers ready-made components for designing the UI/UX of an application. These include buttons, tables, forms, and general layout, saving users time and effort in the design process.

Flatlogic has AI-powered data modeling capabilities. Users can describe their required business software, and AI will create a data model in minutes. The platform offers built-in features for charts, widgets, and admin panels.

The platform creates MVPs in a month, builds custom ERPs and CRMs, and develops web applications using React, Angular, and Vue. It is platform-agnostic and allows users to pick their chosen technology stack for development.

Flatlogic simplifies software development, reduces costs and time-to-market, and enables custom business solutions. Its AI-driven approach and intuitive interface speed up growth and simplify operations.

Key Features

  • Low-Code: This tool combines the advantages of custom development with the flexibility of low-code.

  • Customization: It allows users to customize their software according to their specific business needs.

  • Cloud Deployment: It also allows users to deploy their applications to the cloud with just one click.

  • UI/UX Design: The platform offers ready-made components for designing the UI/UX of applications.

  • Data Modeling: Its AI can create data models for business software based on user descriptions.

  • Custom ERP and CRM: Users can create customized ERP and CRM solutions tailored to their enterprise needs.

  • Web App Development: It enables the rapid creation of business web applications using frontend frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.

  • MVP Development: The platform speeds up MVP development by automating up to 90% of the development process.

  • Platform Agnostic: It allows users to choose their preferred technology stack for development.

Pricing table :

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $33/App/mo
Premium $333/mo
Enterprise Custom

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