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April 16, 2024


Free + Paid Plans

What is CodeWP?

CodeWP is an advanced AI tool tailored specifically for WordPress users. It offers a range of features to streamline website development, troubleshooting, and security. Its custom AI models are trained on the latest WordPress code, information, and best practices. The tool generates code, provides expert help, and ensures site security.

The conversational coding feature lets users code complex snippets or complete WordPress plugins from a single prompt. It understands PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and SQL.

The proprietary AI models are designed to output modern, secure, and simple code. This eliminates common bugs or issues that may arise during development. WordPress users can test plugins and snippets using built-in testing suites for easy integration and functionality.

CodeWP offers custom AI modes trained for popular plugins. It enables users to access specialized AI trained on the latest plugin code examples and documentation. This ensures the creation of accurate code tailored to specific plugins. It improves productivity and reduces development time.

This is a user-friendly and efficient platform for WordPress users. Developers can use custom AI for WordPress development. Agencies can equip their teams with AI tools for building and managing WordPress sites.

The platform also offers a vast library of AI-generated code snippets covering common WordPress issues and tasks. Users can browse ready-to-use solutions or use snippets as building blocks to develop custom functions.

CodeWP is a valuable tool for WordPress users. It offers AI-powered solutions for coding, troubleshooting, and securing WordPress sites. It has advanced features, custom AI modes, and an extensive library of code snippets. Users can enhance their WordPress workflow and build robust, secure, and efficient websites.

Key Features

  • Code Generation: The AI is trained on the most up-to-date WordPress code, ensuring accurate code generation.

  • AI Chatbot: Users can engage in conversational coding with its AI chat feature, receiving 24/7 expert AI help for their WordPress site.

  • AI Troubleshooting: Its AI troubleshooting feature helps users identify and resolve issues with their WordPress site.

  • Data Security: The tool offers AI scanning for WordPress sites, helping users mitigate security vulnerabilities.

  • AI Modes and Presets: CodeWP provides custom AI modes and presets for streamlined WordPress development.

  • Built-in Testing Suite: Users can test code snippets or plugins directly from the CodeWP platform on a WordPress instance.

  • WordPress Integration: It allows users to connect their website, providing the AI with an instant understanding of the server environment and active plugins.

  • Code Snippets Library: CodeWP features a vast library of AI-generated code snippets for everyday WordPress tasks and issues.

Pricing table :

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Premium $28/mo $18/mo
Enterprise $68/mo $48/mo

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