Lemon Sight

Key Features: 

  • AI Assistance:
    Secure AI assistant with access to GPT-4 and internal company knowledge.
  • Collaboration:
    Enable team collaboration with shared prompts and conversations for generative AI tasks.
  • Data Security:
    Focus on human augmentation, data security, and solving hard problems in user experience and product quality.


Dust is a conversational productivity assistant that helps users through information retrieval. Its primary function circles around semantic search. This allows quick access to relevant details from the company’s knowledge base. With a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, it offers several key features. Document retrieval is one of its features. It helps in locating relevant documents within the knowledge base. This ends the need for manual information searches. Its responses show precision and accuracy. It ensures that the information provided is not only brief but also correct. It improves the reliability of the information shared. Another feature of this tool is its power to manage inconsistencies within documents. When met with the unknown, it highlights them. And offers a complete response that acknowledges and addresses any possible pauses. Dust enables smoother conversations. It references documents, eliminating the need for unmanageable URLs or full titles.


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