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Key Features:

  • Web-App Generation:
    Create web apps using an AI feature that simplifies the process. 
  • High-Quality Code:
    Flatlogic ensures strong front and back-end code for reliable and robust applications.
  • Collaboration:
    Host your apps with a single click and manage your code on GitHub for easy collaboration.
  • Diverse Framework Support:
    Works well with popular frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.


Flatlogic is a tool that allows you to create web applications easily. With Flatlogic, you can generate CRUD applications with React, Vue, and Angular. All you have to do is select the stack and template, connect to GitHub, and deploy your application. Flatlogic AI makes it even easier by allowing you to create web applications based on a basic description. The process is simple and consists of three steps: selecting the tech stack, starter template, and database schema. To get started, click on “Generate web app” and enter the application name. Then, choose the frontend and backend stacks. You can choose React, Angular, and Vue for the frontend and NodeJs+TypeORM, NodeJS Sequelize, and Laravel for the backend. Next, select the starter kit/template, design the database schema, and upload the code to the GitHub repository. Once you hit the deploy option, your web application will be created in just a few minutes and will be ready to run. The code generated by Flatlogic is of high quality for both the frontend and backend, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.


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