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May 2, 2024


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What is HTTPie AI?

HTTPie is a versatile tool for interacting with APIs. Its Terminal version is open-source and offers an intuitive syntax, first-class JSON support, and colorized terminal output. It’s tailored for the API era and is trusted by developers worldwide. You can use it to test and debug APIs, HTTP servers, and web services. It supports persistent sessions, forms and file uploads, HTTPS, proxies, and authentication.

This platform offers a Desktop and Web App version. It has a sleek graphical interface and enables painless interaction with APIs. Users can organize their work in spaces, collections, and tabs. They can parametrize requests with variables and environments. The app has auto-save and real-time sync capabilities. Users can build and preview requests without sending them. It can be used offline and without requiring an account.

This tool is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. It has a dedicated app for local and distraction-free work. The tool supports arbitrary request data and headers, a wget-like download mode, and an extensions API for authentication. Its AI assistant, integrated into the Web & Desktop version, uses AI to boost productivity during API testing and interactions.

HTTPie is a valuable tool for developers that helps them interact with APIs easily. It has a command-line interface and user-friendly applications. Its design is user-centric, it has powerful features, and it also has AI assistance. HTTPie helps developers test, debug, and communicate with APIs efficiently, contributing to streamlined development workflows and enhanced productivity.

Key Features

  • Command-Line Interface (CLI): It offers a simple yet powerful command-line interface for sending HTTP requests and testing APIs.
  • JSON Support: It supports JSON data, allowing users to work with JSON-formatted requests and responses.
  • Colorized Output: The tool outputs responses colorized and formatted, making it easier to interpret API responses.
  • Persistent Sessions: Users can maintain persistent sessions with HTTPie, allowing them to reuse authentication credentials.
  • File Uploads: It supports file uploads, enabling users to upload files as part of their HTTP requests.
  • HTTPS, Proxies, and Authentication Support: It supports HTTPS connections, proxy servers, and various authentication methods, including basic authentication and OAuth.
  • Download Mode: It offers a wget-like download mode, allowing users to download files directly from URLs using HTTPie commands.
  • API Integration: It provides an extension API that allows developers to extend its functionality by adding custom authentication methods.

Pricing table :

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