Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Lead Generation:
    AI-scored property leads with Sellability Scores.
  • Filtering Tools:
    Powerful filtering tools for highly motivated leads.
  • Sellability Scores:
    Retail, Rental, and Wholesale scores indicate a propensity to sell, be rented, or sold at a discount.


Leadflow is a solution for real estate experts looking for practical lead generation. To increase investments, this tool offers property leads and marketing tools. The AI tool reviews these leads using Sellability Scores that range from 0 to 1,000. It shows the chance of selling, renting, or purchasing property at a discounted rate. This data helps real estate agents, brokers, investors, landlords, and wholesalers make decisions. It provides more active and receptive leads. Tests show a 271% increase in seller response rates to AI-scored leads. Users can target their marketing by processing leads based on their Sellability Score. This accuracy saves time and resources. Its features contain a complete sellers, buyers, and private lenders database. With the help of AI filtering, users can select the best real estate options. The tool’s marketing tools include direct mail, skip tracing and SMS campaigns. It also improves the odds of transforming targeted leads into profitable deals.


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