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Lightning AI is a powerful platform designed to streamline AI development for teams, eliminating cloud-related challenges. With the ability to build foundation models using your own data on your preferred cloud, Lightning AI simplifies the AI development process. Train large language models (LLMs) with fault-tolerance and diffusion models at scale, ensuring efficient and accurate training. The deployment process is equally seamless, enabling high availability and scalable models. The platform leverages PyTorch Lightning, a fast and minimal library for training and deploying PyTorch models, including LLMs and transformers. Lightning Fabric allows teams to scale foundation models with expert-level control, while TorchMetrics provides easy-to-use PyTorch metrics optimized for scale. Lightning Apps facilitate the deployment and shipment of full-stack AI products, enabling the deployment of auto-scaling stable diffusion servers and more.

Key Features: 

  1. Simplify AI model development for teams without cloud-related hassles.
  2. Build foundation models using your own data from various services like S3, Snowflake, and BigQuery.
  3. Train large language models (LLMs) with fault-tolerance and scalability, including transformers and Stable Diffusion models.
  4. Deploy high-availability, scalable models and full-stack AI products with ease.
  5. Utilize the PyTorch Lightning library for fast and minimal code to train and deploy PyTorch models.

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