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SmartScout is an essential tool for Amazon sellers, providing unparalleled data insights and a suite of powerful features to gain a competitive edge. With access to millions of unique data points, SmartScout enables sellers to make informed decisions that drive revenue growth, improve ad efficiency, and discover untapped opportunities. One of its standout features is the ability to view an entire brand’s product lineup on a single page, including competitor details. Sellers can analyze product count, estimated revenue, and learn about other sellers, aiding in finding the right fit for their business. SmartScout goes beyond conventional category insights by offering over 42,000 subcategories with estimated total values and metrics like market share and the number of sellers. Advanced filters allow sellers to customize searches based on their specific needs, budget, and goals. The tool boasts an extensive brand database with brand-specific filters, seamless integration of Amazon product data, a searchable geographical map of Amazon sellers, and an FBA calculator to assess product ROI. Additionally, sellers can leverage ad spy metrics, UPC scanner for quick product discovery, and AI Listing Architect for optimized product listings.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive brand analysis with competitor insights.
  2. Access to over 42,000 subcategories with estimated values.
  3. Advanced filtering for personalized searches.
  4. Robust toolset including FBA calculator, ad spy metrics, UPC scanner, and AI Listing Architect.

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