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April 16, 2024


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What is Theneo?

Theneo is an advanced platform that simplifies creating and maintaining API documentation. It aims to simplify the documentation workflow and enhance user experience.

Users can import their API collections manually or through integration tools like Postman. This ensures compatibility with various API types, including REST and GraphQL. The tool’s AI assistant eliminates the need for manual description writing, generating detailed summaries. Users can collaborate and edit documentation using Notion-like commands and API widgets. This reduces the dependency on developers for every change.

This tool lets users publish professional-looking API documentation with a custom domain. This also allows for complete branding personalization. Users can customize visual elements such as colors and styles to match their brand identity. It enhances the overall aesthetics of the documentation. The API Explorer tool eases API adoption. It enables users to test endpoints, view live results, and provide feedback within a unified platform.

Its emphasis on automation ensures that documentation remains up-to-date with every code change. Users can automate the deployment of documentation using integration tools for Github, Gitlab, and VS Code. This minimizes the risk of outdated information. The tool also offers automatic changelog documentation, SEO management, and developer portals.

Theneo harnesses the power of AI to simplify API documentation creation and maintenance. It offers AI-powered descriptions, automation, and complete branding personalization. This tool empowers users to create stunning, low-maintenance, and engaging API documentation with ease.

Key Features

  • Documentation Generation: Its AI generates detailed descriptions and summaries for superior API documentation.

  • Automated Updates: The tool ensures that documentation remains flawless and up-to-date by automatically updating it whenever code changes occur.

  • ChatGPT Integration: Integration with ChatGPT enables effortless content search and auto code generation.

  • Automation: It automates documentation deployment for Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, VS Code, and Postman through extensions.

  • Customization: Users can personalize the appearance of their API documentation to match their brand identity.

  • API Explorer Tool: It includes an API Explorer tool that allows users to test endpoints, view live results, and leave feedback within a unified platform.

  • Access Management: This tool ensures that only authorized users have access to sensitive documentation.

  • Changelog Documentation: It automatically generates changelog documentation, keeping track of API changes over time.

  • SEO Management: It also provides SEO management features to optimize documentation for search engines.

  • API Playground: It includes a “Try it” API playground, allowing users to interact with APIs directly from the documentation interface.

  • Analytics: Theneo offers feedback and analytics tools to gather insights into how users interact with the documentation.

  • API Logs: This tool logs API requests and responses, providing visibility into API usage and performance.

  • Developer Portals: It enables the creation of developer portals, providing a centralized hub for API documentation, tutorials, and resources.

Pricing table :

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Free Free Free
Business $150/mo $120/mo
Enterprise Custom Custom

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