From Inspiration to Reality: Humata AI's Pathway
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April 9, 2024


Free, Paid

What is Humata AI?

Humata AI simplifies the process of pulling valuable insights from lengthy documents. It mainly does it in the form of technical papers and PDF files. This tool offers a practical solution. It allows users to interact with their documents through natural language chat.

The tool can summarize findings, compare documents, and search for information within vast amounts of text. Users can command the PDF AI to perform these tasks. This saves them the time and effort required to sift through lengthy materials. This is quite beneficial for teams that face challenges in reading vast documents within fixed time frames.

This tool offers unlimited file uploads with no restrictions on file size. It responds to queries quickly. This allows users to navigate through their documents. The tool also highlights citations within the provided answers. This improves transparency and helps users to trace the source of the information.

Humata AI offers unlimited questions and the option to request shorter summaries until they are happy. It operates like ChatGPT for PDFs, providing an interactive experience.

The tool can be embedded into any webpage with a single click. It helps organizations connect customers with valuable insights hidden in their documents. It improves accessibility and user experience.

Humata AI uses advanced security measures to protect user data. It offers encrypted data rooms, role-based security, and single sign-on functionality. This focus on security helps users to extract insights from their documents while keeping their data safe.

Key Features:

  • Text Summarization

    Generate concise and insightful summaries of PDFs, research papers, and contracts.

  • Text Analysis

    Answer questions across many documents with this tool.

  • AI Chatbot

    Ask questions about your documents using natural language and get answers.

  • Citation Generator

    Build trust and transparency with automatic referencing for answers.

  • Information Extraction

    Uncover the main points, arguments, and evidence from your documents.

  • Document Comparison

    Identify similarities and differences between many documents.

  • Collaboration

    Keep everyone on the same page with team-accessible document analysis and results.

  • Controlled User Access

    Define permissions for team members to view, analyze, and ask questions about documents.

  • Data Security

    Ensure data privacy and security with bank-grade encryption and data rooms.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Premium $1.99/mo
Team $9.99/mo
Enterprise $99/mo

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