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June 10, 2024


Revolutionizing education with AI-powered notes, essays, quizzes, and more.

What is Doctrina.AI?

Doctrina.AI is a teaching tool that improves instruction for both teachers and students. It offers many abilities to enhance the learning process using artificial intelligence. These include class note summarization, essay generation, interactive lesson design, exam preparation, and quiz creation. It creates an effective and interesting learning environment while simplifying instructional duties.

The Class Notes tool helps students manage their study sessions. It summarizes class notes, helping students focus on key concepts and themes. This tool supports active engagement with class materials and enables students to concentrate on taking in and remembering important information.

Students can also get writing assistance from the Essay Generator. It provides a structured foundation for their essays. Users can specify their topic and focus areas, and it generates a tailored essay to start their writing. The final crafting and validity of the essay remain the student’s responsibility.

For exam preparation, Doctrina.AI offers the Exam Generator tool. Exams are created based on particular books, authors, themes, years of publication, and topics. It allows students to hone their understanding and knowledge in a targeted manner, making their study sessions more productive and efficient.

The Quiz Generator improves interactive learning by allowing users to create customizable quizzes. Students can choose the level of difficulty and input the topics they want to study. The system then generates a quiz based on these choices, enabling users to test their knowledge and understanding effectively. This tool puts learning control in the hands of the students, making education more personalized and adaptable.

The tool also has a Chat feature where users can interact with an education-focused AI. This assistant is trained to address academic queries and ease discussions. Students can get help with homework, explore new subjects, and deepen their understanding of old ones, with the AI assistant providing insightful support.

For educational organizations, Doctrina.AI also provides a Software Development Kit (SDK). This SDK allows institutions to integrate it into their own systems, creating customized and improved learning experiences.

Built on top of OpenAI, Doctrina.AI showcases advancements in educational technology, providing comprehensive tools that elevate the learning experience.

Key Features

  • Note Generation:

    It summarizes class notes and highlights key concepts and themes.

  • Content Generation:

    This tool provides a foundation for writing tasks and generates essays.

  • Exam Generator:

    It creates personalized exams and helps in targeted exam preparation.

  • Quiz Generation:

    It generates interactive and customizable quizzes.

  • AI Chatbot:

    The tool engages users in insightful conversations and provides help with homework.

  • Integration:

    It helps educational institutions to integrate this tool into their systems.

Plan Cost
Standard $39

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