Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Image Generation:
    Generate high-resolution, realistic images using advanced AI algorithms.
  • Sketch-to-Image:
    Transform doodles and sketches into tangible, real images within seconds, bringing your creative ideas to life.
  • Image Upscaler:
    Increase image resolution by 2x or 4x while preserving essential details and eliminating noise.
  • Text Remover:
    Effortlessly erase text from any image, ensuring that visuals remain clean and text-free.
  • API Integration:
    The Clipdrop API allows developers to seamlessly integrate these AI-powered capabilities into their own applications, enhancing their functionality and creative potential.


Clipdrop provides creators with AI-powered tools, plugins, and resources. Within this ecosystem, you’ll find a suite of tools that cater to various creative needs. These tools include Stable Diffusion XL for generating high-resolution realistic images. Uncrop for adapting photos to any image format. Reimagine XL for creating multiple image variants. Stable Doodle for transforming sketches into actual images. Cleanup for automatic object and text removal. Remove Background for precise subject extraction. Relight for enhancing image lighting. Image Upscaler for resolution enhancement. Replace Background for teleporting objects with AI. Text Remover for erasing text from images. Clipdrop offers an API, enabling developers to integrate these AI-powered capabilities into their applications.


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