DALL·E 3 | Text-to-Image Generation and Creative Flexibility
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April 20, 2024

Dall E 3

Dall E 3 Feature Image
Turn text into detailed, safe, and stunning images with ease.

What is DALL·E 3?

DALL·E 3 is a new and improved text-to-image generation model that can turn text into accurate images. It’s available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users and will be more widely accessible soon. This version is better than the previous ones because it has a better sense of detail. It’s built on ChatGPT, so users can easily use it in their creative processes.

This tool does an excellent job of making images that match up with the words provided. This is a big improvement from the last models. Users can also use ChatGPT to make prompts easily.

Users can now easily shape their generated images with DALL·E 3. The tool creates improved results by providing detailed prompts and using GPT-4 for optimization. Users also have the flexibility to adjust the level of detail and organization with the ‘quality’ parameter. The tool offers customization options such as image size, style, texture, and font selection.

This image-generation tool emphasizes on safety by avoiding generating violent, adult, or hateful content. It also avoids requests for public figures by name and undergoes internal testing to identify and address potential visual biases and misinformation risks. The tool improves creative control and promotes ethical and responsible AI usage.

DALL·E 3 can turn text into images with accuracy and detail while prioritizing safety and ease of use.

Key Features

  • Text-to-Image:

    This is a significant improvement in creating images that match the given text.

  • ChatGPT Integration:

    ChatGPT creates custom prompts for DALL·E 3 when given an idea.

  • Prompt Rewriting:

    The new DALL·E-3 API has an improved prompt optimization feature that uses GPT-4.

  • Quality Parameter:

    Allows users to adjust the level of detail and organization in generated images.

  • Aspect Ratio:

    It can work with three different image sizes, allowing for flexibility in aspect ratio and visual style.

  • Styles Variation:

    ‘Natural’ is like DALL·E-2’s style, while ‘vivid’ generates hyper-real and cinematic images.

  • Texture Generation:

    Shows progress in generating seamless textures, providing users with attractive results.

  • Font Generation:

    It helps users to generate custom fonts or iterate on letter designs.

  • Origin Classifier:

    This tool helps to recognize if an image was created by it to make it easier to know where images come from.

Pricing table

Plans Cost
Standard $0.040/image
Premium $0.080/image

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